writing jobs

10 Things about commission based writing jobs

Looking at the job boards it is easy to see that the amount of jobs available is low, but the requirements for those jobs...
Make Money Online

5 Best Ways to Make Money Online

In this article we’re gonna see five Best Ways to Make Money Online. So let’s get started. Money! The basic thing that one needs to...
torrent download

5 Ways to Stay Safe on Torrent Sites!

Torrenting isn’t as safe and easy as it once was. Not only are there more legal repercussions today, but plenty more safety and security...
Blog post

How to Promote Your Blog Post in 10 Easy Ways

Writing a blog should be fun. However, you probably wouldn’t mind getting some traffic on your site as well. The readers. They are really...
Blog Traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic: 8 Killer Tactics!

So you have created a blog. Submitted it to major search engines. Put some posts on it. Played around SEO. Now what? Would you...
Error Establishing a Database Connection

How to fix Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

What’ll be your reaction if you open your website and a simple 4 words message greets you saying Error Establishing a Database Connection? Well,...
Blogging Mistakes

10 Blogging Mistakes Every Blogger Make That Ruin Their Efforts

Blogging is one of the latest and most popular ways of earning online money. However, a majority of bloggers often overlook the fact that blogging...
Advertising Networks For Bloggers

The 16 Best Advertising Networks For Bloggers

There are millions of bloggers out there rushing in the race to make money blogging. Everyone wants to make money, but not everyone does...
affiliate marketing

How ecommerce owners can still succeed with affiliate marketing being broken

Running an eCommerce site online is naturally difficult. Competition comes with the territory. Only you’re not working against competitors locally or nationally any longer....
Work At Home

5 Steps To Creating A 6-Figure While You Work At Home

Creating a steady income from home can be a daunting process. Being successful from home can often take more work than your regular 9-5....

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Fortnite Solo Showdown

Fortnite: Battle Royale – Search Between a Bench, Ice Cream truck and a Helicopter

Polygon brought you the solution to win the Week 4 challenge of Fortnite. So, here is week 4 of Fortnite challenge and there is a...
Star Wars Theme Park

New Video Announce Disney’s Start Wars Themed Park “Galaxy’s Edge” Opening in 2019

Expectations are super high for the new opening of Star Wars themed park expansions in Disneyland & Disney World in 2019. Today, a new...
iPhone X Tesla

Apple iPhone X now has a Solar Charger named as Tesla!

Apple did revolutionize the smartphone industry with iPhone X by introducing facial recognition, Bazel-less screens and now a Russian accessory company taking it to a further...