Battlefield 5 revealed: everything you need to know

Battlefield 5 finally announced publically. It’s taking back to the World War II roots, and the game developer DICE redesign the core system of some of the series significantly. This changes will not be causes any issue if none of any played this game before but they have great value. Animation system improved much more than before. Co-op option return again and many more things added in the latest version of the Battlefield.

May 23, 2018, EA disclosed what’s new to come in Battlefield 5 in their three hours live presentation from London. DICE and EA also deliver the details information to the press spending hours in a behind-closed-presentation. According to Senior producer Andreas Morell,

The Second World War like you’ve never experienced before [highlighting] unseen locations, untold stories and unplayed gameplay moments.”

But, they still hold some secrets which will most probably unveil in June through EA play. However, there’s enough information to discuss on Battlefield 5. Let’s check what’s new in Battlefield 5,

Battlefield 5 release date

It is expected that the Battlefield 5 will be launching on PlayStation 4, Windows PC through origin device and Xbox One semantically.

The first trial version of the Battlefield 5 will release on October 11 for EA and Origin access member. Usually, the trial version will be a limited part of the game.

The Deluxe edition of Battlefield 5 expect to release on October 16, and the Stander edition is coming on October 19.

A number of perks will be available for the Deluxe edition. Cosmetic items are most interesting one, as follows:

• Cosmetic sets for German Airborne (Fallschirmjäger) and British Special Air Service (SAS)
• Special Assignments for SAS and Fallschirmjäger.
• Weekly “Airlifts” will deliver 20 cosmetic items

Pre-ordering the game for either version will get the access to the beta version automatically, but the release date of the beta version not announced yet. Most probably exact date will not disclose until June.

No premium pass will require accessing post-launch multiplayer maps and weapons.

Battlefield 5 concepts

Battlefield 5 is the returning of iconic series since the original setting departed nearly 14 years back. The core concept of this game is “squad”, a small group of players achieving the game objectives cooperation and coordinating each other.

Ticketing and spawning system is another key concept of this game. Tickets can be spent from a combined pool of players to bring themselves and vehicles into the map. Also, the player can earn tickets by completing the key objectives. An individual player always can choose the Spawning locations. The most impotent point is, the players are allowed to pawn in on top of each other during multiplayer actions, generating fluid and a hotly contested frontline of consistent action.

Battlefield 5_4

The series started with Battlefield 1942, a game that was mainly known for its massive multiplayer actions including small arms, armored vehicles and aircraft.

It is also informed that Battlefield 5 will add elements from the many other games in the series but will be prepared to forward of his own path.

No Loot Boxes

Loot boxes will not be available for Battlefield 5. Unlock the gameplay impacts including the subclass named Archetypes, perks, weapons and vehicles must earn by playing the game and will not available for purchase.

Battlefield 5_2

An EA Spokesman, answer Polygon after asking for comment regarding the most controversial subject loot boxes,

“no loot boxes. Cosmetic items will be available to purchase with real money and in-game currency.”

Two types of currency will be available in Battlefield 5, In-game currency named “grind currency” which will earn by gameplay and premium currency in exchange for real-world money. Both currencies can use to unlock the cosmetic items. In-game currency can also earn through Daily Orders. Achieve the micro objective will change day to day. Additionally, players will get the opportunity to slot special assignment up to four at one time, and complete objective to unlock the item.

According to franchise design director Daniel Berlin,

“Special Assignments are the real meaty, long-lasting cross session-type activities,”

Perhaps you can complete them in a session in case you’re better than average, to long, long-extending things that give you the guarantee of these unique, iconic rewords toward the finish of them.

Franchise design director Daniel Berlin also said that DICE is trying to make Special Assignments available for all players by making various pathways to succeed at each.

Finally, the objective is to have each player in a multiplayer battle appearing to be unique from each other. As opposed to each grenadier or shotgunner appearing to be identical, each player will be able to put their own spin on what that specific class looks like.

Single-player campaign

The single-player campaign will be in Battlefield 5. The model of the single-player campaign will be same as battlefield 1, telling war stories from around the globe. Each story includes its own unrelated tale, forming a narrative arc with every multiple mission.

“Nordlys” is the first story based on a Norwegian girl who fights against the Nazi forces occupying. Mountains of Norway is the place where the action will take place far above the Arctic Circle.

Battlefield 5_3

During the press briefing, senior producer of DICE Lars Gustavsson told,

“You will be playing as a young resistance fighter about to pay an unthinkable price,”

He also told in the same press conference,

“It’s not that kind of […] heroic experience we’re after. This is about saving your family. It is so up close and personal. That’s what we want to give to you.”

Developer DICE has teased other theaters where those war stories may take place. Greece, France, North Africa and the bombed-out city of Rotterdam will include as an operation area. The press also showed some scenes include areas commonly see in the Netherlands like the flooded fields and long suspension bridges.

Multiplayer Modes

It is a great news for the Battlefield series lover that the most popular large-scale multiplayer modes are returning in Battlefield 5 including many from Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. Also, DICE introduce two new large-scale battle multiplayer modes Combined Arms and Grand Operations.

Battlefield 5_5

Combined Arms

It is a new cooperative mode allowed not more than four players. The purpose of the Combined arms is two, the DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson said during the press briefing. The first one is to engage new players into the series squad-based multiplayer gameplay and the second one is to offer challenging assignment for the skilled players.

Lars Gustavsson said,

“Every now and then we do hear that, for new players, this can be an extremely daunting experience — almost overwhelming,”

He also said,

“To get in there, into that creative, all-out war sandbox can be challenging. Isn’t there something more focused, a bit more intimate, almost, yet social, that I can do within Battlefield that fits me and my friends?”

Combined Arms mode will take place in between single-player and multiplayer. DICE didn’t disclose much to the press but show an example, classic airborne assault, and the team calls “paratrooper fantasy”.

Gustavsson said,

“You go in behind enemy lines — preferably undetected, but I guess it’s up to you,”

He said also,

“The only one you really can trust is the soldier next to you, so you’re in it together. You die together. You win together.”

He tried to describe the scenario that the players move forward cooperating with each other to achieve the series of objectives. But the achieving the final objective is extremely difficult. If players fail to reach the goal, regardless they’ll have to get out alive, so players will get the option to extract for each mission.

“The choice is yours, but think fast or you might all get wiped and you lose it all,”

Also said,

“This experience is really what we want friends to have together, and in that, we have a new system called the mission generator. It creates dynamic objectives and narratives in order to constantly keep that cooperative experience feeling fresh and challenging.”

Grand Operation

Designed based on the most successful Battlefield 1 asymmetrical Operations mode. Grand operation will introduce in Battlefield 5. Up to 64 players will play three or four individual games. Represent different and non-consolidated day in a fictional war for each match. Day one might see, one side trying to defend the massive artillery guns and opposite side trying to destroy them. The second match will influence the balance of the force based on the number of artillery guns survived on the first-day.

Day four will be triggered if day three ends in a draw. The final match will be a sudden death match. In the final match, each player has one life to live. It is expected to complete the match within an hour for the Grand Operation mode.

Major Changes in Gameplay

The most significant change of the traditional battlefield is scarcity and attrition. You will always go through the shortage of ammunition and supplies, whenever you spawn into the game either single player or any multiplayer mode. According to DICE representatives,

“Players will need to make the decision early on whether to press the attack and eke out a few kills with their limited resources, or immediately resupply.”

Being in a squad is the only option to spawn into the multiplayer game. After getting into the game, players are free to make their own way. There will be tools to reassign the leadership if any squad leader has withdrawn themselves.

The game camera has been redesigned much and will play an important role on the player death. If you injured by chance, the camera will zoom in on the solider or vehicle who killed you. From that point, you can go back to your own team member and see their hands on the ground covered in blood. They will also start shouting for a medic. You are allowed to look around 360 degrees to understand the surroundings. If you want, you can bleed you out from that point which will restart the spawn timer automatically or stay on the place and wait until getting medic help.

Once you bleed out, one of your squad member put you over on the shoulder instantly. From that point, you can cycle between every one of them and choose which one to bring on top of. Once you spawn in, you will be very close and ready to offer instant aid in the form of melee or suppressing fire. Also, it will be very tough to regain the lost ground if squad wiped out completely.

Medical system also redesigned in Battlefield 5. Now, every member of the squad can revive another member, but only medic can restore full health. According to DICE representative, they give complete freedom to the designers to enrich the medic role, but they didn’t give any explanation what they mean with that.

Highly destructive environment, weapons and vehicles added in Battlefield 5. Those weapons and vehicles will have the ability to destroy some structure completely. Buildable fortifications options will be available as compensation.

A toolkit will be with each player when they spawn in the game. Players can spend the resources to get the ability to build sandbag walls, barricade windows, camouflage netting and even replace the gun. Limit the Fortifications through some specific location and only particular hotspots within those locations which will be distributed around the map. A structure like Fortifications can be destroyed.

An extensive presence of Battlefield 5 will be in E3 Los Angeles this year. We can expect detail explanation on the above discussion as well as hands-on with the game.

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