F1 Dutch Grand Prix Results 2023: Max Verstappen Wins His Ninth Consecutive Victory

Max Verstappen created history in Formula One by winning the action-packed 2023 Dutch Grand Prix. The race was full of excitement and surprises from start to finish.

Max Verstappen, the skilled Red Bull driver, effortlessly secured his ninth successive triumph in the realm of motorsports, smoothly exceeding Sebastian Vettel’s contemporary-era milestone of nine consecutive wins established back in 2013, despite heavy rain during the race and a late red flag.

The race took a twist at Zandvoort when a downpour began shortly after the lights went out, leading to a chaotic scramble as some drivers opted to stay out while others pitted, resulting in a scrambled grid order.

The safety car came into action when Williams’ rookie Logan Sargeant hit the barrier for the second time in a week, seeing drivers navigate the treacherous conditions once again.

A significant portion of the race was paused as several drivers pulled off impressive overtakes, attempting to make up positions lost on the grid before heavy rain returned on lap 65.

Amid challenging circumstances, Alpha Romeo’s Zhou Guanyu collided with a barrier, prompting the FIA to wave the red flag to halt proceedings until the weather improves.

After around 30 minutes of downtime, the race resumed behind the Safety Car for several laps before Verstappen made a perfect restart, pulling away from Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez to claim his ninth consecutive victory. This victory solidifies the Dutchman’s bid for the 2023 World Drivers’ Championship, his third title.

Despite crossing the finish line in third place, Sergio Perez was penalized with a five-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane. This penalty dropped him down a position, allowing Pierre Gasly from the Alpine team to take the third spot on the podium, following Verstappen and Alonso.

Drivers like Perez, Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, Alex Albon, Oscar Piastri, and Esteban Ocon completed the list of drivers who earned points in the race.

F1 Dutch Grand Prix 2023 Highlights

Checkered Flag: Max Verstappen Wins the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix!! This marks Max Verstappen’s ninth consecutive victory, a feat that stands on par with the longest streak in Formula One history.

Behind him are Alonso and Perez, but due to the Mexican driver’s five-second penalty, Gasly will take the final podium spot.

Lap 71: Gasly is actually alongside Perez, and if he can hold on, the Mexican’s five-second penalty will promote the Alpine driver to the podium, as he’s right behind. Sainz continues to maintain his grip against Hamilton and Norris.

Lap 69: Norris sustains damage after colliding with Russell on a replayed show. Hamilton is attempting to surpass Sainz for P5.

Lap 67: The safety car is out, and we’re back underway! Looks like you were right there, but Alonso is putting pressure on Verstappen. Perez incurs a five-second penalty for speeding in the pit lane due to Russell being out of this race. Drama, drama, drama.

Lap 65: We’re coming back to Zandvoort, but the action restarts behind the safety car for a few laps at least.

Rain has stopped, but the track is still very wet, and significant amounts of water have pooled in several sections.

Red Flag: The 2023 Dutch Grand Prix will restart at 17:14 local time. It’s just about ten minutes from now.

F1 Dutch GP 2023 Results

1Max VerstappenRed Bull25
2Fernando AlonsoAston Martin19
3Pierre GaslyAlpine15
4Sergio Perez Red Bull12
5Carlos SainzFerrari10
6Lewis HamiltonMercedes8
7Lando NorrisMcLaren6
8Alex AlbonWilliams5
9Oscar PiastriMcLaren2
10Esteban OconAlpine1
11Lance StrollAston Martin
12Nico HulkenbergHaas
13Liam LawsonAlphaTauri
14Kevin MagnussenHaas
15Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo
16Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri
17George RussellMercedes
DNFZhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo
DNFCharles LeclercFerrari
DNFLogan SargeantWilliams

Red Flag: Rain continues at Zandvoort, but it’s subsided a bit. However, there’s still no information from the FIA about the restart time.

Red Flag: Alfa Romeo driver exits his damaged car, and thankfully, he seems alright. Despite the heavy rain persisting, all other drivers have returned to the puddle-laden lane.

The time for the restart will be decided appropriately, but before the red flag is waved, the order will be reshuffled. This saves Perez from embarrassment, who will now restart in P3 behind Verstappen and Alonso after having left the track earlier.

Red Flag: Zhou Guanyu is in trouble, and the red flag is out. Given the intense rain, the decision of the marshals makes sense.

Lap 64: Yellow flags in Sector One, and it’s Perez who’s spun at Turn One. The rain is now incredibly heavy, and the Mexican driver can’t slow down as quickly.

Lap 62: Rain is here! As the sky opens up, the standing water is a problem at the very first opportunity. Verstappen has currently maintained his lead over Perez and Alonso.

Lap 61: Gasly spins at Turn One and steals P4 from Sainz for the moment. It’s another crafty move by the French driver.

Lap 60: Under pressure from Hamilton, Russell almost flies off the track as he exits the previous section at high speed. Wow, that was close.

Lap 57: Albon sweeps around Russell on the first corner to take P6, while Hamilton manages his position right behind Norris, aiming for P9.

Alonso has just set the fastest lap of the race so far, gaining extra points.

Lap 56: After a solid showing earlier in the afternoon, Tsunoda is now slipping down the order as his team placed him on very soft tires.

They’re keeping him out because it seems heavy rain might hit the track soon!

Lap 54: Alonso takes P3 from Sainz!! After managing that long turn a few laps ago, the experienced driver manages to find enough speed to pull ahead of his compatriot. He fakes to the right at the top of the corner before dramatically darting down the left side, a beautiful maneuver.

Lap 52: As the rain is once again approaching, the sky is becoming darker. This could get quite exciting again!

Lap 50: Alonso is in the pits, but it’s a nightmare for Aston Martin as they struggle to change his next left tire. Could Sainz’s jump to P3 from the Renault be enough to secure him a podium today?!

Lap 46: After holding up Norris for nearly ten laps, Tsunoda is now under pressure from Hamilton, but he’s resilient once more. The Japanese driver is sitting in P5 as the next round of pit stops begins.

Lap 44: After Sargeant, Leclerc has become the second driver to retire from this race.

It’s been a dreadful day for the Ferrari man who, in reality, might be relieved to see this race end before it was planned to, given how it was unfolding.

Lap 42: Liam Lawson is enjoying a solid F1 debut for Alfa Tauri today as he overtakes Leclerc. The Ferrari man briefly comes right back behind him, but it’s been a fantastic moment for the New Zealand native!

Lap 39: Tsunoda, Norris, and Hamilton are in an interesting battle for P8, P9, and P10. The Alfa Tauri driver is currently doing a great job at keeping the British pair at bay, but the pressure is increasing.

Lap 36: If you’re joining us just for our coverage of the Dutch Grand Prix, this is the madness you missed at the start of the race.

Lap 34: After enduring significant pressure initially, Perez has responded by increasing the gap to Alonso in P2 by 3.5 seconds, solidifying his position.

Lap 32: Zandvoort is turning into yet another challenge for Leclerc and Ferrari. Sainz had a strong hold in P5, but his teammate, after moving ahead of both Piastri and Hulkenberg in the past two laps, has dropped all the way down to P15.

A painful situation.

Lap 27: Verstappen is now three seconds ahead as Perez in P2 faces mounting pressure from Alonso. The seasoned Spanish DRS is keeping close with the Red Bull driver as he looks for an opportunity.

Lap 25: Verstappen has extended his lead over Perez in P2 by over a second, a crucial move that could be significant for his history-making ambitions this week.

Piastri has certainly made a move forward, executing an impressive overtaking maneuver on Bottas into the corner. The Australian driver flies past Leclerc a lap later, a remarkable feat for the rookie.

Lap 22: The safety car is out, and we’re back under the conditions of a yellow flag. Verstappen gains ground, and Perez settles around P2 as Alonso applies pressure on him from the first corner.

Gasly and Sainz continue their battle for P4, but the Alpine driver is holding a strong position ahead.

Safety Car: As the safety car is deployed, Sergeant finds himself in a barrier towards the end of this week! A tough conclusion to the weekend for the American rookie, who had shown promise for Williams in Zandvoort.

Lap 16: Just as rain starts again, Sainz and Gasly are in a fierce struggle for P4 on the track. Piastri, who started from there, has climbed back to P8, dropped to last, and is now fighting back. Russell has gone from P3 to P18 at the start.

Lap 13: Verstappen stands a lap ahead of Perez and trims the gap to the Mexican driver for the lead in the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix.

And take a breath…

Lap 11: The next pit stop phase kicks in as Piastri sets the fastest lap on soft tires – within that lap alone he was five seconds faster than Perez!

Lap 10: With an 11-second gap, Verstappen has brought the leader Perez’s margin down to just five seconds in about two laps. The Dutchman is on a mission here!

Lap 8: This is the seventh lap of the race, and despite starting on the grid at P10, Sergeant has already completed a lap. Remember, if you’re on dry tires, it won’t work at all!

Lap 6: So, as it stands, it’s Perez who’s leading ahead of Zhou, Verstappen, Gasly, and Alonso in this race. Norris, Hamilton, and Russell are further down. There are still those who have never driven a car, who won’t need an extra stop to get onto the track.

Lap 2: Leading the Dutch Grand Prix was impossible, thanks to Perez’s dominance! He took the lead for Williams in the middle stint and flew through the pack. Nearly 50 times alone in this lap, son. Crazy!

Lights Out: We’re off from Zandvoort, and Verstappen holds his lead. It’s an eventful early phase of action here as all the drivers avoid collisions in the wake of the heavy rain. Norris and Russell’s expenses have left Alonso in P2.

Lights Out in 2 Minutes: We’re off on the formation lap before the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix as light rain starts. The atmosphere here in Zandvoort is fantastic!

Lights Out in 15 Minutes: All cars have cleared the puddles, leaving behind Haas’ Kevin Magnussen, who starts from the pits, and now we’re ready on the grid as we’re close to the start of this race.

Lights Out in 30 Minutes: All drivers are moving to the front of the grid for the Dutch national anthem. With this long list of wins for Verstappen, a Dutch victory here is expected.

The British duo, Lando Norris and George Russell, kick off from P2 and P3 in this race, and they’ll be eager to keep Verstappen off the start line. Albon is also looking quite competitive for Williams at the end of this weekend and might hope for a clean win in P4.

While at the end of this week, it’s anyone’s guess who Dutch fans want to win, there’s no prize for guessing that Verstappen has played many times this season, considering his long list of victories.

Lights Out in 45 Minutes: After quite a damp week, it feels like we’re ready for even more action during this Dutch Grand Prix. Reports suggest that there will be heavy rain this afternoon, which might add unpredictability and make decision-making tougher for drivers and their teams.

Lights Out in 1 Hour: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the sporting news for the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix happening here in Zandvoort.

After a four-week-long break, can Max Verstappen maintain his recent fantastic form to secure a consecutive record-breaking win in the ninth race? We’ll find out very soon.

What time does the F1 race start?

Date: Sunday, August 27

Start Time: 2:00 PM BST / 9:00 AM ET / 11:00 PM AEDT / 3:00 PM local time

The 2023 Dutch Grand Prix on Sunday is set to kick off at 3:00 PM local time. After 2:00 PM, the lights will go out. That’s 9:00 AM ET for viewers in the Eastern Time Zone.

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