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Interested in writing for Us!!!

Interested in writing for our website? We are currently accepting the guest contribution from the passionate tech bloggers, tech training consultant or tech professional who are interested in sharing their knowledge with our readers.

But, we have prepared an easy and simple guideline for the contributors to ensure the standard and quality of articles that we like to deliver through our website to the readers. Please read carefully before contact with your contribution proposal.

Submission Guideline:

Our interest is to deliver our readers as much as possible useful and updated information from the experts, bloggers, journalist or other resources of the technological world.

Each submission of articles should fulfill the following:

01. Word count:

Articles should be at least 1000+ words or more depending on the topics subject (Title and author bio will not be countable).

02. Originally & Post Quality:

  • The Article should be original, free from copyright infringement and never posted on any website. We do not accept duplicate, spun or poorly written articles.
  • Should be written in proper English without having a grammatical error, spelling mistakes and irrelevant to our blog theme.
  • Do not submit poorly written, spun articles for review to west out time.

03. Topics

Any topics relevant to our blog theme. But we are highly recommending to come up with something new. No one like to read the same thing again and again if there is nothing new. For example, you can write on the recent industry updates on social media, SEO, digital marketing, details on recently revealed games, gadgets, rumors etc.

04. Compensation:

We do not offer any compensation to contribute to our website.

05. Bio and promotion:

We have no problem if you include a brief author bio (2/3 sentences) containing your website and social links.

06. Image:

Contributors are encouraged to submit supporting images along with their articles. Do not past the pictures in your article doc. copy. Send the images are in separate attachment with the source of the images. Do not use copyright protected images, some resources to find the supporting images are creativecommonce.org, pixabay.com and there is may other resources may find in google search.

07. Link policy:

We do not accept do follow links following the Google webmaster link policy. Commercial, affiliate, illegal product websites, porn links are not allowed.

You must create at least two internal links from our previously published relevant articles. Do not give your web links in the article body. Your bio is open for that.

We are also open for a sponsored post, banner advertising. Please contact to know the fees (Email Subject: Sponsored post/Advertising).

08. Go live:

If your article approved and published on our website, we encourage you to share your live article links to your social media network and as well as to the other relevant articles that you wrote for contributing to other websites.

If you agree with the above guideline, visit the contact page and send us your proposal or articles for review.