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10 Stats To Change How You Think About Instagram

Think you have Instagram figured out? Know the ins and outs of winning friends and influencing people on the platform? If so, you might be surprised to check out a few statistics. Whether you were an early adopter or just recently got onboard, the fact is, the network is always changing. Likewise, it has a lot to offer businesses today.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a brand that sells baby clothes or a freelancer who offers graphic design support, Instagram provides a way to reach business prospects. In other words, if you use Instagram strategically, it becomes a place where you can effectively connect with your target audience and grow business. The key is keeping up with the network and how it works.

With that in mind, are you curious to know more about the benefits of using one of the top 15 sites for social media marketing? Wondering just how much potential actually exists on Instagram? Here’s a look at the hard data. Check out these 10 eye-opening statistics to see if anything changes the way you think about the platform!

1. 500 million users are active every day on Instagram.

Clearly, there’s no denying Instagram is wildly popular. The network offers its users unique opportunities, from photo processing to creative expression. There are currently more than 1 billion accounts active worldwide each month and over 500 million active each day, according to Instagram. This represents great potential for promoting products, engaging with customers and getting a business in front of more eyes.

2. 60% of online adults ages 18-29 are on Instagram.

Today, young adults are more likely to be on Instagram than not, at least if they’re online. As of 2016, six out of 10 online users between ages 18 and 29 had Instagram accounts, according to Pew Research Center. What this means for business is that if its target audience fits that age group, its target audience is likely reachable on Instagram.

3. Most Instagram users are young — but educated.

With more than a billion users, Instagram obviously has a wide reach. Looking at statistics, however, shows there are certain demographics more likely to use the network. Curious who you could be reaching with an Instagram account? According to Hootsuite, for example, almost 60% of American Instagrammers are under age 30, in the 18- to 29-year-old bracket. Lest you think you’re marketing to kids, however, note that 70% of American Instagram users have some form of post-secondary education. Marketing needs to be savvy to get attention; Instagram users aren’t dumb.

4. Roughly 71% of American businesses are on Instagram.

If your business is on Instagram, you’re not alone — a whopping seven out of 10 other brands are on it, too, according to research from Sprout Social. Companies use this rapidly growing social network to showcase services, connect with customers, build brand awareness and more. Plus, through the network’s new business profiles, they enjoy automatic analytics that provide data on impressions, reach and follower information.

5. 80% of Instagram users are following brands.

If you’ve ever heard someone say that Instagram is for personal use — not business — that’s not what statistics show. According to Instagram, eight out of 10 users follow at least one brand or business on the network. Why is this significant? Because almost all Instagram users are following companies, there’s clear potential for brands to connect with prospects.

6. People like Instagram Stories — including Stories from brands.

The introduction of Instagram Stories has pulled users into the network for longer periods of time each day. Recently, there’s been an 80% increase in watching videos, including those made by brands. In fact, according to Instagram, a third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. Any brand that wants to engage its audience should pay attention to this statistic — and try using Stories to reach its followers.

7. 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram.

According to a user survey in 2015, 60% of people report finding new products on Instagram, the network says. This means most Instagram users are a ready audience for product or service marketing. They’re already interested in learning about new purchase ideas.

8. 30% of Instagram users have bought something after seeing it on Instagram.

Taking that last statistic even further, here’s even more promising research. According to commerce marketing cloud Yotpo, Instagram has a surprising conversion rate, with three out of 10 users saying they’ve purchased something they first saw on the network. For brands looking to increase sales, that’s a statistic you can’t ignore. If you find a way to tap into the ready buyers on the network, you boost your bottom line.

9. Top brands post almost five times a week — and typically use the same filter.

According to Hootsuite, top brands on Instagram post an average of 4.9 times per week, which is double the activity of businesses in 2015 — and use the same filter on all their photos. You can join them by shooting for five high-quality posts every seven days and continuing to stay on this schedule week after week. Likewise, it’s a good idea choose a particular filter to use on every post. This gives your feed a cohesive look that becomes part of your brand identity.

10. Posts with hashtags see an average of 12.6% more engagement.

According to research published by Simply Measured, posts with at least one hashtag see an average 12.6% more engagement than posts without them. According to the same research, brands are aware of this reality, and 88% of business posts now include at least one hashtag. If you’re posting for your business, if you want to get attention, it’s worth experimenting with tagging terms and phrases to see what works.

When it comes to Instagram, the potential for marketing and engagement is undeniable. More than that, the mass appeal of this network makes it impossible to ignore. So, whether you run social media for a business or haven’t been sure why Instagram matters at all, the statistics are clear: You have a lot to gain from this photo-sharing network. Take the time to develop a practical, sophisticated posting strategy, and make the platform work for you.

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Author bio: Shanna Mallon is a contributing writer for Straight North, one of Chicago’s top Internet marketing firms. She’s been a freelance writer since 2007.