Dying Light 2 expected to announce at E3 2018

E3 is the biggest platform for the game developer and publisher to showcase their upcoming games and features will be held in Los Angeles from 12th June to 14th June. There is a rumor, Techland, the developer of most successful zombie video games “Dying Light” is going to announce “Dying Light 2” at E3 2018.

According to Polish news site “” published on 23rd May, 2018

“Currently, the studio focuses on the preparation of a high-quality trailer to be presented at the upcoming E3 fairs in Los Angeles (12-14 June). When asked about the release of Dying Light: Bad Blood, which focuses on the multiplayer game in the style of battle royale, is the chance to develop it in Dying Light 2, I heard that ‘it is very likely’. Bad Blood is to be the first real test for this mode in the DL world. I also received confirmation that it was delayed with the announcement because the first part of Dying Light is still supported and the team focuses on the mentioned Bad Blood. It sounds completely logical.”

Apart from Dying Light 2, it appears that Techland is getting ready for reveal of Battle Royale mode which has been in talks for quite a while and will most likely expand into Dying light 2 too.

The game still receiving post-launch support over three years later with the Bad Blood extension, it is apparently revealing of an actual sequel “was constantly being put off” by Techland.

Considering all, there is still have the possibility of Dying Light 2. After all, Techland previously revealed that they are working on two AAA games and most probably one of them is Dying Light 2.

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