10 brilliant software that have made things easier for business

Have you heard people saying that nowadays a business can ‘run itself’? What does that mean? This means that these businesses owe a lot of gratitude to technological advancement because it has provided them with access to a huge army of software applications and web services that work tirelessly. This aids a business in running like a well-oiled machine as these software apps and services perform most of the major tasks. From maintaining your books and staying on top of your email to creating and storing documents and getting teams to work together, a lot of code is required to run a business well.

Obviously, you want the best possible software and you don’t want to settle for anything less. Luckily, listed below are the 10 brilliant software that has truly made things easier for business:

Intuit QuickBooks Pro:

QuickBooks offers a flow-chart based accounting system that’s a standard in financial management and it is the easiest way for businesses to transfer their books from paper to computer. Most actions such as billing a client or writing a check is only a few clicks away and you can maintain proper accounting records with the aid of this unique software.


Blogs have become common place these days and nearly every business has one for providing company and product news to their target audience. WordPress is the ultimate software you can use for blogging and it can be installed in minutes. You can find a free and also a Premium version of WordPress and it is incredibly easy to use. Maintaining a blog becomes a piece of cake with WordPress.


With this software, you can host an internet session with scattered colleagues and they can work together on a project in real time. Vyew provides you with a simple whiteboard where your desktop can be shared, documents can be uploaded for discussion and even designs can be created from scratch. This web conferencing platform will also enable you to get access to VoIP and various other audio services.


Customer relationship management is not just restricted to businesses in the Fortune 500. This is basically an ordered approach to tracking leads, managing the sales process and ensuring that follow-ups are done in a timely manner. Sure, your employees will require some training and patience when they are using Salesforce because it is quite vast, but it doesn’t take long and soon you will be able to manage your customer relationships in a much better way. Due to affordable pricing and an exhaustive feature set, Salesforce is in high demand by businesses.

Microsoft Office:

At least one copy of Microsoft Office is essential for a business, whether big or small. Nearly all of the suite’s applications are almost industry standards, which means they cannot be ignored. Yes, it is a tad pricey, but in the long-term, you are able to get value for money because it is great for your productivity needs. It has the big three apps i.e. word processor, spreadsheets and presentation tool and you can use it for all your office needs.


Of course, backup and recovery are of the utmost importance today because all your data is computerized and any crash can lead to huge losses of information. Files are regularly backed up to an external hard-drive, which are also kept in the office. If the entire office goes up in smoke, your backup will also be gone. That’s why you need a better option and this is where Mozy comes in. This is an online backup service, which is designed to automatically archive whatever a business wants. This is backed up over the internet so you don’t have to worry about losing your content.

Q Ware CMMS:

This is a maintenance software that is simple to use and easy to understand. Moreover, Q Ware is also flexible and can be used in a number of industries. Maintenance work is a part of every business and it needs to be streamlined and organized to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the day to day business activities. Moreover, these tasks need to be done on time to avoid any problems. This is where Q Ware CMMS comes in as offers a robust variety of features that make inventory management, event scheduling, work order management, asset management and maintenance scheduling quite easy.


Communicating via email with your clients is good, as long as you give them the choice to opt-in. Avoiding spam is crucial, so it is best to get permission from your clients before you send them any emails. This software has been in the email-marketing game for a long while and it is deemed as one of the affordable email marketing platforms available today.

SoonR Desktop:

Ever gotten frustrated when you have stuck software and you cannot access a file that’s in your office? It is even more frustrating when you don’t have access to a computer. This is where SoonR helps businesses because it empowers staff to access the files on their office PC on their mobile phone. It can get you out of a jam when needed and is available for free, which works in its favor.


This is a simple tool that is immensely handy for businesses because it allows them to build complicated to-do lists, project timelines and message boards. Basecamp can also be used for sharing files amongst the team members. This software comes in handy for keeping workers on their job, but also lets them know what other team members are doing so repetition can be avoided. In addition, the project time for every member can also be tracked with this software. You can use it for creating detailed reports or billing, which makes it quite the organization and collaboration tool for any business, regardless of size and industry.

Armed with that software, every business can function in a better and organized manner, which boosts efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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