5 proven ways to make your digital product the best seller

We are in an era of earning money with your blog by selling your own digital products.

It does not mean other methods of earning money have failed. But they are extraordinarily competitive, and one needs to do much hard work for making money with them including selling affiliate products and putting PPC or direct ads.

To sell your digital products, you have three edges which you don’t have in other ways of earning money online.

  • First one is your control on quality of your product. You make it and can enhance its quality or rationalize it as and when you get such demand from your target audience
  • You create a product keeping in mind your potential target audience and also your public relations in a specific niche industry to sell it with the support of your contacts
  • Once your product becomes the best seller then sky is the limit for earning money with it

But the question is how to sell your digital products in a way to make them the best seller.

Collectively you might have read several ways and most of them must have focused the techniques and methods but not the concepts. Also, all the ways are dispersed on internet. No any comprehensive post on this topic is available online.

So in this post instead of talking about just techniques to sell your digital products and make them the best seller I discuss the concept of different ways to sell online.

How to Know What People want Online?

You want to create your own digital product. But you can’t create it in isolation. Nor you can create the one which only you like most or your family wants it.

To create your own product, first examine if people really need it. People won’t demand a product directly. No one asks for any specific ebook to increase traffic on his blog in very short time. He just asks for letting him know the methods to increase traffic on his blog in shortest possible time.

There are two ways to know what people want online exactly.

I. Highly Searched Keywords

See the highly searched keywords related to your niche and pick the one that reflects a huge demand of online people.

For example, if a keyword “how to earn big money from home” has thousands of monthly searches. So who wants to earn staying at home? Obviously housewives or those who have a lot of free time after coming back home from office.

So your exact target audience is housewives and/or part-timers. The nature of product here is obviously online money earning.

Now you can decide either to write an ebook for them, an e-course, a video tutorial, a multimedia course or something else to help them earn money from home.

II. Online Feedback

Second way to know what people want online is to read comments at blogs of your niche. See what problems their readers have, what desires they express and what benefits they want.

On the basis of online public opinion of your niche market, you can decide what type of product you should create to sell it and earn money.

If You Can Create the Product in Demand

For example, if people want a WP plugin to keep changing their blog design like a slideshow, so will you straightway start creating such plugin.

Obviously, you would examine your capacity to create it. You will check if:

  • You have skills to develop a WordPress plugin OR
  • You have resources to hire a developer to create such plugin AND
  • You are confident to sell it with various methods and at least get back your basic investment of money and hard work both for creating it

It means for every type of product demanded by online community you need to check if you can create it or get it created through outsourcing and will you be able to sell it as much as to recover your basic cost of developing it.

How to Select the Type of Product?

To serve a specific need of your niche market with the resources you have, you definitely want to create a product. Generally, the following types of digital products are created so far.

Content Membership Sites: To offer valuable contents at your blog after payment of fee on a monthly or yearly basis

Blog Consultancy Services: Offer of complete package from keyword research to blog monetization with one-time fee or on a monthly basis if you offer a regular service

Ebooks & Kindle Books: It is not very technical in nature and one can easily write an ebook on a topic related to his area of expertise and then sell it online through affiliate programs or by creating his own such program

Audio Program: It is like a verbal ebook where instead of written words, spoken words are recorded and sold as audio course

Video Training Course: It is also like ebook where moving images tell the buyers how to do a task or how to earn money online etc

Multimedia Program: It is also a course that actually is a collection of ebooks, audio programs and video training course to attract more customers to it

Plugin: This is a valuable addition to the features of a blog in addition to its template and hosting service. One must have coding expertise to develop a blog plugin or handsome amount of money to get it done with outsourcing.

Blog Themes: It is a built-in design of blog to just install and give a new look to your blog. Here again, without web development skills you can’t create your own theme and have to hire the one from the market. Fiverr is the best place to search such expertise at very cheap rates.

Do your Research to Finally Pick the Type of your Product

After finalizing the type of the product, just check once again if so many products are already available in online market. If similar products are already there, then just examine what edge your product will have on others. Why people will buy your product dropping others that were available prior to your entry into the market.

On a pleasant side if there is no product then you can easily move ahead to create your own digital product of your selected type.

Develop the Product

After fully confirming all the above points now you can create your own product with your own expertise or by hiring someone to do this task. If you create a product with your own expertise it is fine. Otherwise, you need to search a right person from these 25 resources where you can find a person who do you want to hire to create your own product.

5 Proven Ways to Turn Your Digital Product into The Best Seller

So once you have developed your own product the task of production ends here. Now the phase of marketing starts. Under this phase, you need to avail every available opportunity to publicize, promote and sell your digital product online. This is called online marketing.

Here are five proven ways to achieve your goal of making your digital product the best seller in your niche industry.

1. Become an Online Vendor

The first proven way to sell your digital products is through online selling from your own online place. It may be your blog, website or just an online page without any dynamic content.

What is blog: It is an online resource with proper hosting, domain name and template. It offers regular info in formats of text, videos or audio to its readers. It is regularly updated and readers freely interact with admin of blog to give their feedback.

What is website: It is a static info resource online where a few pages are created and at each page a post describing the purpose of that page is written. Its info is updated as and when need arises and not on regular basis.

What is online page: It is a mini or one-page website where simply one page is developed at a preferably premium or free hosting and domain to narrate a topic or niche thoroughly.

I. How to Create a Wonderful Sales Page?

So either you have a website, blog or page, just sell your product by creating a sales page of your product. A sales page is an online section at your blog to give every detail of your product to sell it successfully. It is a complete solution of selling your digital product with your blog.

A good sales page should have:

Comprehensive and convincing text to fully persuade the visitor to buy your product

Images to fully depict all aspects of your product

Testimonials which means comments of users who you gave the product to test it. They should be usually leaders of your niche industry or influencers or opinion leaders of your field.

Full description of its price benefits including discount, money back guarantee, trial version offer etc

Description of delivery system for both digital and physical products that should be fast and easy to understand by your readers.

A step by step guide to place the order for those who have decided to buy your product

An online payment system to receive payment from buyers. This is the easiest option to install online payment system at your blog.

II. Third-party Alternative

Instead of creating a sales page, you can also sell your digital products at your blog with a third-party resource or we can say an online commission agent. But you have to pay a small amount from each sale proceed to him as commission. Three best third-party online stores are.



Digital downloads

They offer technical support to create the widget showing the features of your product at any prominent place on your blog. Most of these stores charge a fixed commission on your each sale. Rest of the services they mostly offer for free.

III. How to Attract Genuine Online Buyers at your Blog?

If you want to become an online vendor to sell your digital products at your blog you simply need to write keyword rich contents.

It means the contents with highly searched terms. People don’t write a name of a product in a search engine to find the solution of their problem related to your niche. They just write their problem or its possible solution in simple words to get the concerned info.

So just search the keywords that are highly searched and related to your product and write great contents to attract genuine online buyers at your blog who really want a solution that your product offers.

2. Become an online Hawker

This concept is a little different from online vendor. In online vending you attract genuine online buyers at your blog, website or page to sell your product and make it the best seller.

While in this method you move door to door online to sell. Your online showroom is still your blog where you send people to buy your product from there.

Or being an online hawker, you showcase your product to someone else online showroom like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank and your referral buys the product from there. That third-party online seller deducts its commission and pays the rest of the amount to you on a regular basis.

You become online hawker by moving to every online place where people who may buy your product gather easily. These spots include:

  • Social media
  • Blog communities
  • Online forums
  • Your email list (not an online place but a resource to send sales pitch directly to all)

It is not wise to just straight away tell people to go to your blog to buy your product or just narrate its benefits to influence them to buy it.

Following is the step by step process to sell your product as an online hawker.

  • For this purpose first become familiar with people online at the above online spots by more and more interacting with them but without irritating them
  • Then solve their problems for free as much as you can
  • Make them believe that you are their real sympathizer
  • Discuss their common problems which can be solved with your product
  • Then extend the offer of your product by mentioning the link where from they can buy it
  • Keep repeating the process because on every online platform everything remains in transition. New people keep coming, new desires keep appearing and new problems keep emerging there.

So never assume you have already taken all the possible efforts to sell your online products at any forum or social media. Do this task with innovation. Keep changing your slogans and your way of narrating benefits to attract more people.

Wherever you join any online resource take active part in the discussion. Become the member of FB groups that have most relevant community which may buy your product.

For example, if you have developed an e-course on short film production your relevant audience won’t be film producers or cine-goers. Your perfect audience could be trainees of filmmaking.

3. Informally Create an Online Consortium

This is completely informal by nature. You need not to agree with all consortium members. It works like a cooperative society where people unite their strengths to defeat their collective weaknesses. Did you get my point?

Suppose you create a wonderful product that is high in demand. But you don’t have traffic at your blog. What would you do?

Obviously, you like someone with huge traffic at his blog sells your product. This is the basic idea of creating an online consortium informally.

Following are the steps to create an informal online consortium:

Make friends of same or related niche: As a first step make as many friends as you can within the niche of your product

Develop trust: Interact with them, help them and win their trust so that they don’t hesitate to make any financial deal with you

Introduce the idea: Let the most trusted online friends about your idea to sell each other products on give-and-take or commission basis.

Seek their help to sell your product: If you have registered your product in any third-party online store like Amazon or Clickbank then just you need to request to your group of friends to publish a review of your product at their blog to increase its sales.

They can register in the same online third-party store of your product to confirm the commission on each sale. Here trust does not matter because everything will be already documented.

Set online commission: If you didn’t register your product at any affiliate then you need to set commission for members of consortium. You can transfer their commission after evaluating how many buyers each member sent from his blog.

Trace the referral: You can know which of your friends in consortium sent you how many people who bought your product. This you can do with the help of Ticket Tailor or any other similar product which you like more than this.

Basis of consortium: The basis of consortium can be purely on commission basis in addition to all members should keep promoting and selling each other’s products at their blog.

Once you send an offer to any of your online friends to join the consortium obviously he will join after fully evaluating all its pluses and minuses. So being its member he will not have any reluctance and actively take part in selling and promotional activities.

4. Create Your Own Affiliate Program

This is also a proven way to sell your digital product if you think your products range will keep expanding.

So you should create your own affiliate program to make others sell your products instead of selling yourself and make them the best seller.

First, do an extensive research if you really need an affiliate program or you can manage the sales of your product with already available affiliate programs.

If your product has huge potential to penetrate in market then obviously everyone will want to become your online selling agent. Hence you can make more and more people become your affiliate and sell your product on their blogs and online resources.

Here are 51 points checklist to create an affiliate. Just cast a look at it and come back to continue reading here.

This is a sample service to create your own affiliate. You can search many more on internet to pick the best one according to your affordability and the type of product which you want to sell.

Also, a WP plugin is available on price to create your own affiliate program at your WP blog.

5. Join an Affiliate to Sell Your Product

This is the second most effective way to sell your digital product after selling it directly as an online vendor. Here you need to pick an affiliate after fully evaluating:

  • It’s credibility
  • Amount of traffic on its site
  • The minimum percentage of commission it deducts
  • Payment schedule to its affiliates
  • Range of widgets, banners to place at your blog
  • Options to earn money either with PPC or PPA

If you put your product at any third-party affiliate program you still can sell your product and make it the best seller by following the above four ways.

So the best aspect of selling your own product is your liberty to avail as many ways from the above list as you can. But your concept about each one should be clear to stay very confident in your entire marketing drive and never be confused anywhere.

Waiting to Hear You

Do you already have a product and it is being sold like a hot cake. Or you are trying hard to make it. Do you think the above ways are awesome to make your product the best seller? Or you have any other plan to sell your product massively. I am waiting to hear your views in comments section below.

Also, I am sure you will also share this post with your friends to let them know these proven ways.

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