How To Reset Canon Printer – A Genuine Solution Is Here

To Reset Canon printer, you do not need to buy a service tool, no serial key required, or no hacking techniques. In this article, we will provide you a genuine method to reset the Canon printer.

Most of the users have the Canon printer as their first and last choice. It is because of its well-work. Canon provides super-fast and noiseless printing, clear and qualified prints, and also many of the features.

One question mostly arrives in the mind of many of the Canon printer users- Is resetting is an important process? It is a very nice question whose answer is very must to know by all the Canon users.

Here you will get all the solutions to your queries in a better, easy, and effective way. So, without wasting more time, let’s move on.

Why Is Reset Canon Printers Important?

Before looking for the fixation steps, let us clear you why it is important to reset the device. Cleanliness is a very important process otherwise there are more chances of virus attacks, storage problems, internal issues, low functioning of the device, freezing issues, or many more.

Resetting will help you to overcome all these problems. It clears the queues and scanning and lets your printer to run smoothly without any hurdles.

Can You Reset Canon Printer Yourself?

You will be happy to know that luckily you can very easily reset the Canon printer on your own. There is nothing hard in it.

Do you wanna know how to reset a Canon printer on your own? It’s very simple, you just have to follow the steps mentioned in the below-stated article.

NOTE: Dear users, make sure not to skip any of the points otherwise you will, unfortunately, not get success in resetting your Canon printer.

Before Resetting The Canon Printer Must Note This…

Many of the users just start immediately doing the reset process, but there are few things that they don’t be responsible for, and further these little things create big problems.

  • So, before resetting your device, make sure it is not connected to a network. If it is, then disconnect it immediately before resetting.
  • Refresh the device before resetting. There should be no files pending for printing. If there is, then kindly cancel them all.
  • There should be no papers in the tray. The tray should be fully empty.

We hope you will for sure note these points and then begin the resetting process.

How To Reset Canon Printer with Quick Solutions…

To know how to reset canon printer, a genuine solution is here. As we discussed above, it is a very simple task to reset the Canon printer. Now, it’s time to reveal the secret or share the easy and best tips with you.

Are you confident and ready to reset the Canon printer on your own? Great, so without wasting more time, let’s have a look at the solutions.

Manual Process

Make sure not to skip any of the steps mentioned below to succeed in resolving the issue that is tackling you.

  • Firstly you just have to turn off the Canon printer,
  • Kindly just do the power down of your printer, and then carefully, you have to unplug the canon printer from the socket.
  • After plugging out the canon printer, you just have to wait for at least 5 to 8 minutes.
  • After that, you have to plug in the canon printer in the socket again and turn on the printer.

See, how easy it was to reset the Canon printer. Most users will be satisfied with the Manual process of resetting, but those who are not can look below for further points.

Automated Process

You do not have to plug out the wires while performing the below-stated points.

  • First, just turn off the printer by pressing the off/on button.
  • Then just press the stop button and hold on. {Till the green light did not start blinking}.
  • When the green light stops blinking, press the stop button.
  • After a second, click the start button again.

And this is how the Canon printer reset process is done. We hope you will definitely succeed in it. This process will hardly take around 10 to 15 minutes.

Check It…

To check if the Canon printer is properly reset or not. Just put the sheets on the tray and then connect Canon to the suitable internet connection.

Make sure the internet you are using should be strong, stable, and reliable. If the internet would not be strong then the testing result would not be good.

When the device is connected to a proper network then just add your printer to the computer and from there just command the printer for the print sheet.

Hopefully, you will get a quick and well result.

At The End

We hope this article helps you to know how to reset Canon printer. Are you free from this error? Was this article helpful to you? Feeling relaxed.

Great, this is exactly what we want. Now, you can freely get full access to your Canon printer. It will not create any hurdles for you now. You can easily print sheets smoothly.

We would like to thank you for giving your love and showing your trust in us. This really means a lot to us.

Your faith gives us more appreciation to provide you some best solutions. Whenever you have any problem we are here to resolve it.

Even our helpline is also available for you.


Whatever happens, just be confident and try to find solutions to your problem rather than worrying. You must have heard that try-try but don’t cry.

You have to be bold and stronger to deal with your problems. You can only fix your issues if you want otherwise you can’t solve a very little problem.

We hope you understand. Just be safe with your families. Once again thank you for your lots of love and trust.

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