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Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Your Small Business

There are hundreds of many web hosting companies ready to take you to the realm of the internet. However, like in most other things, it is a very tough decision to choose the right hosting company, especially for individuals on tight budgets. Everybody may provoke you with their great offers that might make you puzzled. In that case, you should bear in mind certain important issues before selecting a web hosting company.

First Issue

It goes without saying that price is the most crucial issue for a small entrepreneur. You can find a pool of web hosting companies from the most expensive to the cheapest ones. However, don’t go with the saying that “what you get is what you pay for”. The most expensive hosts aren’t necessarily the best choice for you, and their features may not meet your purposes. On the other hand, there is a pile of affordable companies as well. Consider ipage.com as an example. Its introductory package starts at only $1.99 a month. This plan includes unlimited domain, unlimited MySQL databases, access to online marketing guides, $100 Google AdWords offer, free toll-free phone number (US only), and many more. However, what you need to do is to take a closer look at features from each host and then compare prices.

Second Issue

Inevitably, you’ll need some technical support from your web host. Many web hosts announce that their technical supports are available for 24/7, but in reality, you may be pissed off during off-peak hours. It is bewildering how a terrible event can occur on your website when you least expect. Generally, if they promise 24/7 phone support or online chat, you can expect to get a friendly and knowledgeable person on the other end of the conversation. Available technical support is a very crucial factor to consider before making a decision.

Third Issue

Internet security is another major factor when choosing a web hosting company for a small business. Actually, it matters for both small and big businesses. Ensure that your potential web host company is able to provide a secure server to your site before picking it. This is a mandatory feature when it comes to issues pertaining to financial transactions online.

Fourth Issue

The Control panel or user interface must be user friendly. Nowadays, the least tech-savvy person can set up e-mail and FTP accounts or install WordPress without calling his hosting company’s support line. Make sure that your service provider uses Cpanel or Plesk to make updates and modifications easier. If your service provider uses a clunky interface that no one can figure it out, then It is going to be a big hassle for your everyday business. So, take this seriously while picking your web host company.

Fifth Issue

You should consider load time while selecting a service provider. You may often find some websites irritatingly slow loading. Sure enough, you bounce from such sites with pain. Therefore, your client will bounce from your site if it doesn’t load within a reasonable time. However, you may make a good selection using customer reviews about different web hosting companies and simply visit these web-hosting companies to judge how fast they load.

Sixth Issue

It is an absurd idea that a web host can serve all types of customers effectively and efficiently. Generally, a web host company focuses on a special area. Some have great offers but doesn’t cover the features that are good for a growing business, while others have great plans that aren’t fit for a small entrepreneur. So, be sure about the specialty of the hosting company that matches your needs before buying and merging with the one that values your particular needs. Visit web hosting review and comparison websites as well to gather information on different web hosting service providers to understand their strengths and limitations.


Storage space is another important issue for small businesses in terms of frugality. Generally, a small business doesn’t need too much space. However, the amount of space needed depends on how you are using it. 1GB is enough for a normal site, and don’t pay over 5GB of space for an e-commerce site unless you are sure you will need it.

Because you are going to buy a highly technical product, the service provider’s support and reputation are as important as the product itself.

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