10 reasons newbie bloggers must aim to make big money online

So ultimately you are convinced that now it is not possible to make big money online with your blog.

You have read this advice in more than several blog posts. They have proved with several facts and figures that now it is not so easy to earn money with your blog. They asked you to compromise on fewer bucks. They scared you by narrating failure stories of several bloggers who could not have made more than a few pennies.

Many philosophical types of bloggers dud tell you don’t run after money. Interestingly many of them proudly claim they are not here to earn money.

But the bottom line of this whole story is you still want to make big money online with your blog.

But you are a little upset. You keep thinking how it is possible. Everyone around you is opposing the idea of earning money with your blog. They say competition has stiffened now. Only those earn huge money online who have been blogging for the last one decade or more. They also say if you want to be rich with your blog wait for this much and that much longer period.

Remember these are views of those who take blogging as

  • A like-a-casino to earn money
  • A purely creative or artistic activity
  • A freaky thing that makes you rich at once
  • Or they are still confused about what blogging actually is.

Why You Must Plan To Make Big Money Online With Your Blog?

We have ten sound reasons why you must plan to make big money online with your blog. So just read them and then tell me what you think.

01. Blogging Is Business Not Charity

What is done on a typical blog? Do remember, exceptions are always there. But on a typical blog, a few things are given to readers for free. They may be contents, free templates, ebooks or maybe plugins.

Do you know any blog that offers all things for free?

So a blog is not a charity.

After doling out freebies, a blogger must sell a few things at price.

So a blog is a shop and blogging is a business.

Can we say for a business that no one can earn money with it? Yes, those who don’t learn it properly or don’t do full justice with it may fail but not all.

So blogging is a business and money can be earned with it just like it can be with every business. Right?

02. It’s A Source Of Online Marketing

This is the second reality that proves you can make big money online with your blog. If you don’t have your products to sell online at your blog what you do. Do you ask your readers to keep coming till you make your own product? No, not at all.

You sell others products and services at your blog. So it is a wonderful tool for online marketing. Do you know any source of marketing that does not pay? So how it is possible you do online marketing at your blog properly and still don’t earn money.

03. Online Demand Will Grow

What is demand? It is an expression of the needs of people. You want to eat food, and for this you go to shop for food items. In this way, you demand food items. In the same way, you demand online products. You demand ebooks. You demand blogger templates. You demand weight loss tutorial. You demand the green living manual. So these are your online demands.

Can you believe one day online demands will be no more? Never at all! They will be there and even will keep rising. As more people become aware of online products they will demand more. Awareness for online products will surely rise because you and we are raising it with our blog contents and social media.

04. Online Supply Will Become Easier

What happens when demand rises in physical markets? Producers produce more products because they know their products will be sold easily as their demand is rising.

The demand for online products is also rising. So their production is also rising. More blog templates are being created. More tutorials are being developed. More blog traffic boosters are being made. Why.

Because their producers know their demand is rising. So more online supply means more competition. More competition means the most attractive prices because every supplier will try to offer products at the best prices.

Who will benefit most of this situation?

Obviously bloggers; because they will have more options to sell at most attractive prices. So they will be able to make more money with their blog.

05. Best Plan Promises Best Results

Many people are very right to say blogging is a good way to make big money online but everyone can’t do this. This is right but who can’t do this. Only those, who don’t plan properly. Earlier all used to plan randomly because they didn’t have a mentor or any success model. But now every second pro blogger offers his services to make you plan your blog to achieve your blogging goals. That is why now we can’t say it is not possible to develop a good plan for your blog and earn money with it.

06. Genuine Products Are Always Priced

This is one of the main reasons why many bloggers still fail to earn money. Once they understand this secret they happily join the queue of those bloggers who easily make big money online with their blog.

Yup, you are right you can’t earn money with free things. The only use of free products is to assist you to buy premium products later on to grow more. Now those who really want to earn money are not relying on freebies. They are straight away going for premium products because they know that more they invest more they earn. This is the universal rule of earning money. Blogging is not out of this rule.

07. Gradual Expansion

Yes, this is another rule. You can make big money online with your blog but not instantly. Maybe in first month, you earn a few bucks like John Chow did ten years ago. But now after continuous blogging, he is earning more than $50K per month or even more than that.

This is normal length of time every business takes to make you that much rich. Just take the list of top 100 rich people of the world. Not a single of them reached that height in years. Many of them got that position after three generations of their ancestors. So you can still earn money with your blog but gradually.

08. No Need Of Guesstimates

This is the biggest advantage newbie bloggers have now. Earlier all those who are now pro bloggers used to take every step in blogging on the basis of guesses. Sometimes they failed sometimes succeed. Everything was being done randomly.

But now newbie bloggers have hundreds of success stories of pro bloggers. Newbies can learn from them to avoid mistakes which they committed and became successful a little later. But now newbie bloggers can easily achieve their goals without wasting much time.

09. Hard Work Must Pay You

This is the widely acclaimed rule. If you really work hard it must pay you. Blogging does need hard work. The biggest quality of hard work is it must pay you in any way. At least it makes you habitual of doing work hard. This is the quality which everybody doesn’t have. So ultimately you win either you make money or acquire the habit of working hard. You can apply this habit to any other venture and ultimately earn money easily.

10. Options Of Change

Are you still struggling to make big money online with your blog? No problem you have option to change your niche, change your content strategy, change your promotion strategy. So no blogging activity is a sort of blind alley where from you can’t escape. You can easily modify your strategy. Even you can change your domain. So this is the point which makes it different from other businesses where you can’t afford to change anything because you have already invested a lot of money in it.

So what do you think now? Do you still believe in herd instinct that you can’t make big money online with your blog? Do share your views to let us know how far we are successful in bringing you out from the impractical world of blogging fantasies.

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