What Are The Common Blogging Goals And Which One Should Be yours?

Yet to set your blogging goals?

So your directionless blogging struggle is obvious.

You publish posts regularly, optimize each of them, promote them at social media and even attract so many visitors to it.

But you are still struggling and just looking left and right for what to do next.

You off and on trying to make money with your blog. But it is not regular income. Sometimes your effort to earn money brings results and you make money and sometimes no one buys your product and you just try to search its reasons.

Actually, you do a big mistake. Instead of taking money making as your blogging goal you just take as a chance to avail whenever you find an opportunity to make money with your blog.

You don’t have your well-defined blogging goals. Making money can be a goal, but it should be very well-defined. You must be clear on how you will make money with your blog.

It means what you will sell, how you will sell and to whom you will sell. You should also be clear on why your blog visitors will buy the products you sell.

For any type of success, you must have very clear goals. You struggle to achieve them and become successful. They actually guide you what to do and how to do for achieving them.

It is necessary to set blogging goals before starting a blog. Set them wisely and put your all efforts to achieve them. It is must to move in right direction to become successful.

So in this post, you will fully learn how to set goals of your blog and how to achieve them.

Common Blogging Goals

These are the common blogging goals which bloggers set before starting a blog.

  • Making full-time earning with your blog to quit your day job or never do a 9 to 5 job and enjoy your full liberty while making your livelihood.
  • Making part-time earning to add a regular stream of income in your monthly earning to make your life happier and more luxurious.
  • Becoming famous and enjoy a life where everyone likes you and follow you
  • Keep learning to become an expert of one or several subjects
  • Become authority of a subject to make people follow your advice and recommendation
  • Promoting your business as blogging is one of the cheapest online marketing tools

Which Ones Should Be Your Blogging Goals?

Can you measure joy? Can you tell how much happy you exactly are? It means feelings of any type can’t be good goals. They may be primary goals, but your secondary goals must be measured in units. For example:

  • You aim to have post-graduate level knowledge in a subject
  • You want to earn an amount monthly to meet your consumption needs
  • You want to develop contacts with 50 powerful people of the industry
  • You want to become famous in middle-class teens of your community

So blogging goals should be clear, exact and can be defined in exact terms. It is wiser to further divide them into phases.

  • Short-term goals which you need to achieve in a short period of time after starting a blog
  • Medium term goals; you should achieve them in a bit longer time but not in very long time
  • Long-term goals which ultimately make you achieve your final goals.

Your Short-Term Blogging Goals Of Six Months Should Be:

  • To make a strong foundation of your blog by investing to buy a cool blogger template, best hosting and attractive domain name
  • To write 50 pillar posts
  • To get at least 1000 likes, following and connect on all your social media
  • To write an ebook to give it as a gift to your blog visitors as soon as they become your email subscribers
  • To develop your email subscribers list up to 1500 minimum
  • To become an expert in two key monetizing sources like affiliate sales and product reviews
  • To start earning at least $200 must within six months
  • Any other special goal depending upon your expertise and niche

Medium Term Goals Of One Year Should Be:

  • To develop consistent traffic with multiple sources including organic (search based), direct (subscription based) and referral (social media and backlinks)
  • To maintain a regular schedule of blog posting to make the regular stream of your contents
  • To invest an amount in various blogging products like SEO plugin, keyword tool, social media sharing platform etc. on a regular basis to take your blog to the next level
  • To reach the level of part-time earning with your blog to get the confidence that you can make your full-time living with your blog after sometime
  • To develop or get develop a digital product to sell it at your blog and make it as leading product of your blog
  • Any other special goal depending upon your expertise and niche like app development expertise, content writing skills, etc

Long-Term Goals Of Beyond One Year Should Be:

  • To become an authority of your niche
  • To establish your blog as your brand
  • To minimize risk factor from your total earning by maximum diversifying it sources
  • To be able to outsource little chores of blogging to make your life easy
  • To make full-time living with your blog
  • Any other special goal depending upon your expertise and niche

All the above blogging goals are mentioned here as an example to show you how much definite you should be while setting your blogging goals. Any ambiguity in them will continue to be a hurdle in your efforts to becoming a successful blogger.

So this whole process is called goal setting, and the way you achieve them is your blogging strategy.

You need to first fully focus at your short-term goals and move towards the medium term and finally put all your energies to achieve the long-term goals by consistently doing all your blogging chores. This you can do by developing a step by step plan to achieve your goals.

How to achieve your goals is called strategy and when to do what to achieve your goals is called your plan.

So now you fully understand:

Why is it necessary to set your blogging goals? Because you can’t achieve your targets of earning a specific amount of money without setting goals.

How to achieve your goals is actually your strategy to make you successful in your blogging struggle.

“What to do when” is your blogging plan which you must develop with its four components; daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to move towards your targets step by step.

We are sure now you are fully clear on what blogging goals are and how to set for your blog. If still, you have any query, please do ask us with your comments below.

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