How To Start A Blog On A Strong Foundation?

Not very long ago starting a blog was quite easy. You just needed to know the basic technical knowledge on how to start a blog.

After that, you had to simply publish contents with a lot of keywords and promote it everywhere. That’s all.

But now there are millions of blogs. Every blog is fully optimized which means has become noticeable by readers and search engines both. Thousands of blogs have quality contents. Bloggers are consistently working hard.

So how do you stand out from such a huge crowd? That is why now foundation of your blog counts a lot.

How To Start A Blog With Winning Strategy?

To start a blog on strong foundation you need to read thoroughly:

Stuff on the entire above topics is easily available on internet. Most of it is also free. So initially collect all the free stuff and read it carefully. After that, get an answer to following questions from them.

  • What are winning strategies of successful bloggers?
  • Which strategy most of the bloggers followed to become successful?
  • Which strategy is the most fit for you?

Winning Strategies of Successful Bloggers

They create quality contents that mean the contents that must solve the problems of their readers, improve their life and make them more successful.

In addition to creating quality contents, they establish their personal brand by playing an active role in their niche industry by:

  • Helping, guiding their juniors,
  • Offering the best solutions for common problems,
  • Sharing their helping tips everywhere and
  • Appreciating the good work done by others.
  • Fully optimizing their blog with SEO, social media, backlinks and top ranking directories submission
  • Monetizing their blog in a way to help readers and then make them buy their required products or services.

Which Strategy Most Of The Successful Bloggers Follow?

Creating quality contents is the part of winning strategy of all bloggers.

Mature type of bloggers don’t go for simply free options to promote their blog and equally give ads on social media, subscribe membership in forums to promote their each blog post.

They buy different marketing tools to bring visitors to their blog, stay them at their blog and then convert them into their subscribers.

These tools include:

Which Strategy Is The Most Fit For You?

Again creating quality contents must be the foundation of your winning strategy to become a successful blogger.

Then it depends upon your blogging objectives to select the best strategy for the success of your blog.

If you want to do blogging as a hobby then surely it is not wise to buy different tools to promote your product like Good AdWords, ads at social media and membership subscription of forums.

Yes if you already have tried blogging and found it most fit for you, then you must start buying premium products from the day one to become a successful blogger. These products include;

  • Top level domain
  • Hosting
  • WP Theme
  • Keyword research tool
  • SEO tool
  • Email list builder
  • Email marketing service
  • Blog speeding tool

Don’t be confused with strategy. It is not like a war strategy. It is simply your priority list. What you will do with more focus and what you will just carry.

3 Vital Components Of A Blog Promotion Strategy

There are three components of a strategy to start a blog and promote it successfully.

  • How to get huge organic traffic?
  • How to get huge referral traffic?
  • How to increase direct traffic?

These are the three vital components of a strategy. If you have good number of traffic on your blog, you can earn money with whatever method most fit your blog.

Otherwise, without huge traffic, you will simply be selling your products in an empty market.

What Is Your Priority Source Of Traffic?

So making a strategy to create a blog means how you answer the above questions. What is your priority source of traffic?

Organic traffic: You get organic traffic from search engines. So you need to do extensive keyword research. You should make smart SEO both on-page and off-page of your each post.

To earn money with Google Adsense and other similar options of PPC (cost per click) organic traffic is the best source of revenue.

Referral traffic: This type of traffic is acquired with social media, blog commenting, guest posting and article submission plus press release. In short, all off-page SEO brings referral traffic.

To earn money with CPA (cost per action) and affiliates, this type of traffic works well to achieve your monetization goals.

Direct traffic: This is the best option for selling your own products. It means the traffic that directly types URL of your blog in the search window and reaches it.

The primary source of this type of traffic is your emails list that you generate by offering your first product for free in return of a valid email.

3 Sub-Strategies

So your blog strategy is a combination of following three sub-strategies.

Content strategy: That means you must have a proper calendar to publish your contents on daily or weekly basis.

You must have written contents in advance to publish them without any break.

You have written ideas to write your contents for the next month and need not to worry about them while promoting your blog posts and doing other promotional chores.

Traffic strategy: It means to have clearly defined objectives to get how much traffic till what time period. You must aim to get traffic from the three sources including search engines, social media and direct through the email campaign.

Monetization strategy: This is actually clarity in your thoughts for selling what to whom. If you sell right product to right group of people no one can stop you to become a successful blogger.

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