Cyber Hackers Vs Defender – Defender Are Losing The Battle

The Internet has changed the way people conduct their day-to-day lives. Today, almost anything can be done over the Internet such as shopping, paying bills, communicating with friends, banking, socializing, and a variety of other endeavors. However, with the explosive growth of the Internet, there are several major issues that are currently causing serious problems for businesses and individuals who use the Internet.

One of the major problems currently affecting Internet users is cyber hackers, which are individuals who break into computer systems and websites through various methods. Cyber hackers can cause many problems for businesses and individuals who use the Internet because the hackers’ intent is to steal, destroy, or harass once they break into computer systems or websites. Moreover, cyber hackers cause billions of dollars in damage each year regarding websites and computer systems.

As cyber hackers continue to cause havoc on theInternet, businesses and other organizations look for defenders to protect their resources against the attacks from cyber hackers. In general, defenders are people who are trained in cyber warfare to prevent and stop the attacks initiated by cyber hackers. However, hackers are some of the most intelligent people in the world, and defenders have several problems in relation to stopping the attacks by cyber hackers.

One of the biggest problems that defenders have is the lack of numbers compared to hackers. There are a lot more cyber hackers than defenders. Therefore, defenders are always working uphill trying to play catch-up with hackers.

For organizations looking to hire defenders, the competition is very stiff because the demand is more than the supply regarding defenders. In addition, all areas of computer technology are looking to hire defenders such as government agencies, businesses, and various other organizations.

With so many organizations vying for the services of defenders, the salary being offered is usually the deciding factor concerning job offers accepted by defenders. For government agencies, this makes attracting defenders hard because government agencies usually cannot compete based on salary.

For defenders, there is high demand for their services; however, the road to becoming a defender is not easy. Usually defenders are required to have a computer science degree, and they need to know a lot regarding a variety of areas concerning cyber operations such as identifying bugs in software, identifying infections, and having the ability to reverse engineer computer viruses. These requirements make it hard to find people qualified for defender positions; however, the need for defenders is rapidly growing as cyber hackers continue to be a major concern for any organization that operates and maintains cyber operations.

As technology continues to be an essential part of the daily operations in most organizations, the need for system security will continue to be very important for organizations. Hackers have been a problem concerning computer systems for decades, but with the technology innovations that have been made in recent decades, the use of the Internet has increased significantly for most organizations ranging from online transactions to daily operations.

With the increase use of the Internet, cyber space has become a prime location for cyber hackers, and many organizations are depending on defenders to help protect their cyber assets from the constant attacks posed by hackers. However, defenders are currently losing the cyber battle because cyber hackers significantly out number defenders in this ongoing battle.

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