Tricks and Tips to Help you Better Navigate Google Map

There are a number of available choices when we talk about navigation apps for instance Telenav, Waze, Bing and Apple Maps etc. But, of all the options, Google Maps stands to be the most preferred one. But were you aware of the fact that it can serve a lot more purposes than just letting you go from one point to another.

Here, I will be focusing on a few tricks and tips to be kept in mind while using Google Maps, and will also be highlighting some of the less usually discussed features of both its mobile and desktop versions.

Save maps on your phone or tablet for offline mode

No matter smartphones have enhanced our lives a great deal, at the same time they have granted us a false sense of protection that they will never leave us alone and will always be there to assist us. But there are occasions when you do not have the facility of Internet available (for instance, if you happen to be in a remote area at the moment), and in case you are attempting to navigate around an area that you are not familiar to the Garmin Zumo 590 , then that can probably trigger an issue.

Android apps and iOS enable you to download the map of any area even if you are not online at the moment. Here is an explanation of how it all happens: Zoom in to that specific part of the map which you desire to copy while you are still connected to the Internet. After this, type “OK Maps.” in the search bar. Then you must receive a message which will appear at the bottom of the screen containing the following words, “The on-screen map has been cached.” (Keep in mind that in case you are about to save a large area of a map, it may take a relatively long time)

This implies that even if you do not have the Internet connection, and you open Google Maps, you can still get the map you need to view. Also remember that gps tracker should still work on most devices, so you can see your position on the map. The only thing is that you will be unable to search for a particular location or to obtain directions.

This offline map feature also serves to be very useful in case you are traveling abroad and do not want to spend much money on costly data-roaming services.

Find upcoming events

Apart from providing a chance to get to your upcoming sporting match, concert or theater show, it also keeps you informed about the forthcoming events.

When you are using the desktop version, input the venue name or choose a specific location on the map. Beneath the information regarding reviews and address, there will be a tab for Upcoming Events. And as soon as you tap on it, it will provide you a list of future events. If you happen to like something there, you can just choose that particular event and Google Maps will then show you a page where you can buy its tickets.

Drop some local knowledge using Map Maker

Google Map Maker is a feature that allows you to make changes to the maps, to remove any mistakes or add new businesses to enhance the usefulness and accuracy of Google Maps for yourself as well as for the other people. Note that all the amendments made to the maps must be approved and reviewed by Google moderators so that no one can misuse this feature.

Although Google Maps itself is quite a beneficial service,  if you apply these tips, you can get the most out of this app. Google also provides a very informative support section for both the desktop as well as mobile versions in case you require more assistance navigating through all the features offered by the mapping services.

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