How To Be In The Good Books Of Pro Bloggers?

Blogging may be an activity, but money blogging is a business. What is done in a business? Products and services are sold. They are sold with full customer care. So what you do in money blogging. You sell services and products with full care of your customers. Right?

Can business be done in isolation? Can it be run successfully simply dealing with customers? It is impossible to run a business in isolation. You need to make contacts with the supplier of products, with customers, with others in your market and with regulatory organizations.

Without good contacts with them, you can simply display your business but cannot make it successful. No one will buy from your business. No one will supply you quality products on lowest rates. Others in your market will not cooperate with you. The regulator will not help you follow the rules.

The same rule applies to blogging especially to money blogging. You need to develop good relations with:

  • Your readers to make them your regular visitors
  • Your regular visitors to convert them into your subscribers
  • Subscribers to make them your customers
  • Above all with other bloggers to learn, be supported by them and grow as an authority

You can make relations with the above top three groups with the help of:

  • Your blog contents
  • By offering to them free advice and guidance
  • A lot of freebies

But to make relations with the fourth group you need to think and act smartly. There is no set pattern to do this job.

Remember you cannot make contacts with the above three groups without earning a good reputation and growing as authority. For this purpose, you must have good contacts with other bloggers of high repute. You must be in their good books to get their support.

3 Rules To Be In The Good Books Of Pro Bloggers

01. Step By Step Approach

Never try to develop relations with pro bloggers. First aim at bloggers a little more than you. Through them move up and then up further. So first select a few bloggers from your niche who are more than you in earning money. They plan how to be in their good books.

02. Monitor What They Do

Add them in your three top social media accounts. Then study what they share. If you have a little knowledge about their sharing, it is fine. Else study thoroughly what they share. Then make impressive comments on their shared stuff. No flattery, no buttering and verbosity.

They are busy guys. So write to the point. Never tell a lie. Never make an unnecessary joke. Never be so formal. Just light comments showing your knowledge on their shared stuff.

Don’t make haste to get their response quickly. Just keep commenting consistently. After a few weeks, they will be familiar with you and a few of them may add you back. This is your first success to be in their good books.

03. Communicate With Them Smartly

Once they add you back, never miss a chance to communicate with them. If you have good info which they may like, share directly with them. But first, confirm its exclusiveness then share. If you share a thing they already have, they may not open your next share. So be choosy in what you need to share with them.

Also, share their post with your friends’ circles and tag your targeted pro bloggers with it. If you get any awesome feedback or response do share with them.

Keep this practice to make contacts with super and then supreme pro bloggers. Impress them so much so that a few of them mention you in their posts.

Some may give you a backlink just to accept your value. This will enhance your image, and you can refer this on your blog which pro blogger said what about you. Your readers will be impressed and be your customers too eventually.

So keep this practice with consistency and one day you have broad networking with several pro bloggers.

So this is all about how to be noticed by pro bloggers. It is called influencer marketing, and it has become one of the best tools to get more traffic to your blog.

Do you think there is any other method to attract the attention of pro bloggers and make good contacts with them? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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