Top 5 Blog Traffic Growth Mistakes

The rock solid foundation of your blog to earn money is the consistent growth of traffic on it. Your contents must attract visitors and keep boosting traffic. Your promotional activities must bring huge number of visitors on it.

Every blogger’s ultimate aim is to earn money. It is not possible without huge blog traffic. It should not only be huge but the most relevant to your niche. Otherwise, visitors will visit your blog but will not buy your products.

5 Blog Traffic Growth Mistakes

So you need to avoid following 5 blog traffic growth mistakes to earn money easily.

01. Efforts For Inconsistent Growth

Traffic on a blog can be increased monumentally for the time being. But it cannot be retained regularly. For example, by writing a post on a seasonal keyword, you can get a huge amount of traffic. But once the season gets off, you will have the same downward slope of traffic.

Seasonal keyword means a phrase that is highly searched for a limited period of time. On death of Michael Jackson, all keywords related to him were with highest number of searches.

So never aim for abnormal trends on your blog traffic analytics. Always target for slow and consistent growth of visitors to retain them.

02. Hope For Visitors Return

Many bloggers expect once a huge number of visitors start coming on their blog they will keep coming regularly. It is not must. Maybe they once come and never back. It all depends upon what you offer to them on your blog. So never expect your unique visitor will always be your returning visitor. Always expect he will not come back unless you put several interesting things on your blog for him.

03. No Effort To Make Visitors Come Back

In the beginning, Google gives boost to your blog posts by positioning them on top of search pages. But it happens for a few months. Many bloggers take it as a permanent lift. But after some time, they get in shock to see steep fall in their traffic statistics. So during the initial period of your blogging business keep your plan intact to hold the first time visitors. You must try to convert them into your blog subscribers by offering them a valuable freebie.

04. All Eggs In One Basket

In your efforts to raise traffic on your blog keep diversifying its sources. Never rely on one source. If your source of traffic is Google what you will do if it drops the page ranks of your several posts. All your counts will nose dive. So focus your efforts on all sources including:

  • Organic traffic with search engines
  • Referral traffic with backlinks
  • Social traffic with social media promotion
  • Direct traffic with subscription

05. No Backup Plan

Ups and downs in your traffic stats are normal. But never waste time when you have thin number of visitors. During that period focus on enhancing the quality of your contents. During the time of highest number of visitors offer them things of highest value to impress them. Ultimately you will have a consistent number of loyal visitors on your blog.

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