How to do off-page SEO of your blog in 2020

Off-page SEO means optimizing each post of your blog somewhere else, not in control panel of post. Somewhere else means any online place of high quality that relates to your blog niche. Optimizing somewhere else means dropping backlink of your blog post there. Backlink means if someone clicks on it your blog opens in another window or same window.

You can get backlinks from:

  • Other blogs of same niche
  • Section of an online news website related to your niche
  • An online forum where topics related to your niche are discussed
  • Websites that publish articles of several niche under separate sections
  • Websites that accept press release of all key niche to distribute them to newspapers and magazines
  • Social media and social bookmarking sites

How To Get Backlinks For Off-Page SEO Of Your Blog

To do off-page SEO of your blog neither can you buy backlinks from other online places nor beg them. You need to apply your skills to get several backlinks to your blog. Number of quality backlinks to your blog is a major factor for your blog ranking.

Higher blog rank means higher value of your blog. Advertisers give ads to high-ranking blogs. Pro bloggers visit high-ranking blogs.

Here are different ways to get backlinks for your blog.

From Other High Authority Blogs

Through a guest post that you send to another blog of your niche to get it published. You need to fulfill the requirements of that blog regarding the guest post. Then your post is published. In return, you get a backlink from your published guest post to your blog.

Through blog comments: You need to visit high Authority blogs and drop your comments after reading their posts. You are required to write your name, email and blog URL for dropping comments. Google bots trace your blog link there if that comment is do-follow. Here do-follow means Google bots are allowed to follow the link used for commenting. If it is no-follow, no bots will note it and will not raise the authority of your blog. Your comment should show that you are dropping it after fully reading the post. Your comment must have a value that makes people note your presence there. They will also click on your URL link and visit your blog even if it is a clickable no-follow link.

Section Of Any Blog That Related To your Niche

Many blogs are multi-niche. You can get backlinks from them by dropping your comments on a post under your niche-related section.

Registering In Online Forum

There are several online forums of different niche. Registering in your niche-related forum get your backlinks whenever you drop your comments and posts introduction there.

Article Submission Directories

There are several websites that publish articles on almost all niches. They accept articles from bloggers and content writers in return of a backlink. Here also quality matters a lot for both. They accept quality articles and writers select quality websites to get their posts published and earn a backlink.

Press Release Submission Sites

There are hundreds of websites that accept press release to publish it for distribution to online newspapers and journals. Submit a press release related to your blog post in all high Authority press release sites to get quality backlinks.

Social Media Sites

There are several social media sites where you can drop a link of your post after getting registered there. It is a most effective way of doing off-page SEO. There are hundreds of social media sites. Here again quality matters a lot. So be choosy and select a few high-quality social media sites instead of wasting your time.

Off-Page SEO In Present Time

Now criteria of off-page SEO have changed a lot. Now quantity has no importance. Only quality is required. So to get backlinks for your blog never overlook the quality factor. The quality can be judged by examining the website authority of the online place where you want to drop backlink of your blog. Higher the website authority, higher the quality.

Submit Your Blog In Google Analytics And Google Search Console

Soon after publishing your first post on your blog register it in:

Google Analytics

It will show you daily traffic stats of your blog with all the details of your visitors including where from they are, what is their gender, their age group etc. It will also tell the number of:

Total visitors: It means all visitors who either come first time or more than one time on your blog.

Unique visitors: It means those who come first time on your blog

Returning visitors: Those who come back after their first visit in a month

Page Views: It means the number of total pages viewed by total visitors in a day, week and month

Bounce Rate: It means out of each 100 visitors how many went away without clicking on any next post of your blog. Lower the bounce rate better the feedback of your blog.

Visit time: Average time spent by each visitor.

Google Search Console

It is must to register your blog in Google Search Console because you can’t tell Google about your blog updates without it. It will also tell how much blog pages you have submitted in it and how much it has passed on to Google for ranking. It is called indexing. For this first, submit Sitemap of your blog. Install Sitemap plug-in Google XML Sitemap in your WordPress blog to create the Sitemap or Yoast SEO. Simply add it into Google Search Console tool and you need not to submit your every post for indexing.

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