12 Killer Tips To Improve Google Places Rankings

To rank in a better position of Google’s search result is only possible after the person or the entity works very hard on making it happen. Ranking in a local segment is much more important. A list of local rankings is made available across the World Wide Web. Whether it is the most famous search engine Google, or other search portals including Yahoo local or Bing BBP. These social media channels are highly relied upon by both youngsters and adults of the present times. Google Places is known for driving more global population traffic, when compared to the other local search channels.

It is the basic nature of us human beings to have what is served to us first. Almost everybody in this lazy generation selects the links that occupy the top part of the search portal page, to get information regarding a particular topic. Thus, although a specific page, website or blog ranks number one for a precise keyword, it may be positioned at the fifth or maybe sixth position in the Google Places results page.

The Internet-based Corporation, Google, presently possesses up to a whooping 65% of the total market share. Thus in turn upgrading the importance of the local listing of Google Places. The importance is then shifted to Bing and Yahoo, making them the second and third preference for search engine.

With an updated SERPs, Google had showcased a local listing along with the organic result earlier in October. This leads to an increase in the importance of local listings.

Therefore, at the moment it is tremendously important, that a person has his or her local listing cent percent optimized and regularly synced irrespective of their on page or off page website strategy.

In the everyday scenario, if you feel hungry and you want to know what are the restaurants around the place where you live, with the advancement in modern technology you are compelled to Google search for restaurants in the city where you reside. Google’s search portal, on the other hand, would track down your current location and start with restaurants in closest proximity to the one’s far away from where you are in the same city. Thus, a list of restaurants would display on your screen, with the first few being the nearest to you and the last few being far away from your present location.

Everybody wants to look good, everybody wants to be seen. So if you are a businessman and you want your prospective audience to notice you on the world’s best search engine, what will you do?

Enlisted below are a few effective tips that could help you improve your Google Places rankings:

1. The first and the most important thing that any business entity must do is provide their potential users with the up-to-date information regarding their business. This includes the appropriate contact details, the accurate address information, precise working and operating hours. It is also advisable to upload real pictures of the entity on the official Google Places account.

2. Choose the right business category. There are many examples online, where the business of the company is different from the category it falls under. This can not only be misleading for the potential customers but it will also keep you away from your competitors. You must know your competition, before you compete.

3. The right Business Title is the most important thing in terms of marketing. The title of your business must give a gist of what your business is all about.

4. If the title also consists of your location as a keyword, it may be very informative and attractive to people located in the same location.

5. It is very important that you use the real Geo-location and not the Geo-location that you would want to improve your rank for.

6. You must submit your correct business or website information to online local data providers. These providers will ensure that the information relating to your business is uploaded on the web to other channels. This will help you attain a goodwill at least online. Some of the local data providers include Acxiom, InfoUsa and Localeze.

7. To make your listing flawless lies solely in your own hands. The listing has to be not only claimed but also verified by the owner. Thus, the entire information about your business falls in your control.

8. In case of any special events, make sure that you update it on your Local Place page, thus promoting your business and the event.

9. Do not ignore Google reviews. Respond to them through your Google Places account.

10. Online reviews can either make it or break it. It doesn’t matter how many people have reviewed your business as such. What really matters, and what really you should be concerned about is the quality of the reviews your business has received. Find out those review sites that deal with business like yours and aim to target them, then you can slowly expand your business by getting more reviews from other websites.

Google has added a new function to the local listing through which it takes your business or website reviews and attaches them to the local listing, thus giving your listing a better appearance.

11. Social networking sites also have listings. These social listings attract public mainly the youngsters. Facebook Places, Foursquare are a few examples. Make sure that you claim your hyperlocal listings as well. This listing gives you enough credibility.

12.You can also participate in Google Boost for enough additional exposure.

Long back information was spread by word of mouth. However with Internet helping us to enhance and expand our business, only sky is the limit now. Following the above steps will surely help in keeping your business fairly exposed, but the fact that people talk about your services after having visited must not be ignored.

Never avoid reviews, or deny services. Never provide false information, just to get some extra attention. Be honest, and you might see an improvement in your Google Places ranking. If you are not experienced into digital marketing to make things done like above, hire well established digital marketing company to do things for you.

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