What is SEO: The Beginner’s Guide

If you are blogging from several months, you might have heard the term SEO for thousands of times, right? It’s really fascinating to gawk at others SEOfying there blog while you can do nothing about it. And that is the moment you go mad about it, hunt for it everywhere and after some repeated failures your frustration turns into anger —

Chillax!! TAB is here. Believe me, all bloggers go through this same phase of life. It’s the key ingredient of success. I have posted many articles on blogging, but all of them were mainly concentrated on the basic designing of your blog. But the actual fact is that to make a popular blog, you gotta weave many things out by yourselves. And SEO is one of those things. No doubt you can hire an expert to build the SEO for your blog, but that’s not what I recommend. If you want to be a real blogger, you must lasso the crafts in your finger tips. So all you have to do is calm down, take a drink and start reading this post out. SEO cannot be covered in just 3-4 posts. I’ll be posting a series of tutorials on how to perform SEO in your blog. Just come back regularly and check for my posts on SEO and go through all of them. The only mantra is to Stay Calm and Keep Blogging. Let’s now begin with our article.

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. To define it ‘blogomatically‘ —

It is a process by virtue of which you can make your blog/website appear on search result for a particular search keyword.

Well that’s a bloody scientific definition. Leave it. Just try to understand that when you Search Engine Optimize your blog, search engines will find it and put it on the search results page. SEO is like the blood of your blog. It flows all over your blog, does its duties, but when it stops, your blog is dead.

Let me put another example in front ya. Suppose if you search for the term “Mark Zuckerberg” in Google, a bunch of links come at the results page. Now Google will show you 76, 00, 000 results. If you write about Mark, your page might be at the first page, or might be at the last page as well. So what factor defines it? It’s the SEO!! Now many people will say content of your blog is the king, if you have great stuffs in your blog, it will rank higher in google. But believe me if content’s the king, SEO is the king’s soul then. And a body can’t live without its soul.

Why do I need SEO?

Believe me or not 90% of my traffic comes from the search results. So unless until you optimize your blog for the Search Engines, you can’t actually get traffic. Social Media can, in max, give you 10-15% traffic. That’s it. You have to depend on SEs like Google and Bing. Let me show you an interesting infographic of my traffic data:

Search Engines crawl you site and look for great contents. But even awesome content is dead without proper SE-Optimization. You might ask now, why can’t SEs do it themselves, eh? Well, yes they are smart, but the fact is they’re human made and not smarter than you (feeling proud?). So that’s the part, you have to do yourself.

There are thousands of sites taking birth every moment. If you want to survive in this site jungle, you have to bring your site to the first page (better within the first 7 positions). Just ask yourself, did you ever endeavor going to the second page when you need something? No, right? Now you can judge how important the optimization stuff is.

Enough Crappy Speech, Tell Me How to Do It?

As I said earlier, it’s kind of blood of your blog. It flows everywhere. No matter what changes you make to your blog, SEO will put his nose everywhere. It can’t actually be done within a certain limit of time. You have to continue doing it always, everyday, whenever you write a post. You have to optimize the post’s title, images, meta tags, the post itself, and even the blog’s address.

For a starting knowledge, you should know that there are two types of SEO. One is the onsite SEO and the other is offsite SEO. The onsite optimization is just straight craft of writing. It’s what you do in a post. Offsite optimization, on the other hand, is the matter that actually depends on stuffs like Backlinks, Internal Links, Social Media Marketing etc.

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