11 Uplifting Steps To Write High Quality Content For Your Blog

Quality contents are something overlooked by most of the bloggers, further, it wasn’t like it before. If you consider or have a habit of reading the industry experts blog, they will guide to write epic contents.

But what the heck are they?

Over 2 million blog posts get published each day. If your content isn’t of high quality or something special, it might remain in the web archive without fetching anything for you. It sounds easy, but the actual procedure isn’t going to ease as you think anyhow.

Although not a rocket science, but once you have got the solid framework to work on, you are ready to go. It might depend on the niche too, but largely is isn’t vary much.

We’ve over 11 foundations you should focus to write the exceptional post. Before we move one, let’s see why it is essential to create epic contents..

Why writing quality contents are the only way to survive online?

You are writing the content to serve the seekers. Right?

What If I say, your contents aren’t going to be helpful unless it is of high value and full of insight.

Google is also looking for the same, if your blog doesn’t come under this roof, it will rule out your site from SERPs. Writing quality contents help you in many ways:

  • They are the passive way to build the natural backlinks.
  • It helps you to shape your brand.
  • It persuades readers to trust you.
  • If you are consistent, you may overtake your competitors.
  • It helps you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Anyhow, it helps you in the long run.
  • And the list goes on…

Okay, now you know the importance of quality contents. Let’s see how you can produce them right away.

#1. Research is the key to everything

Research is a fundamental element to perform before you start your writing work. The reason is simple, and it will make the topic more familiar for you. If the subject is familiar to you, it might be a bonus.

Think a while, if you are not aware of the topic, and you just rushed to teach your readers. It can be easily spot by anyone, who knew more than you. Doesn’t it?

I don’t say you need to have mastery in the idea you have thought of writing, but at least little knowing can make a huge difference. It might help you to build confidence; finally, the quality content will be an outcome.

For research make use of the Big G!

Type few keywords around your content idea, crawl some web pages you’ll get to know. Either make use of WiKipedia or any other resource to help you trust.

#2. Craft headline that pique reader

Your attention span if only 8 seconds, it might surprise you that, Goldfish have attention duration of 9 seconds

Pathetic Right?

As per CopyBlogger, only 80% of your visitors read your headline and only 20% will proceed to read your entire article. If you fail to captive them, your content might be ignored no matter how quality and depth it is.

You need to spend the same amount of time to craft your headline as you do to create content.

To Craft Triggering Headline;

# Show the urgency in your title.

# Use numbers or stats to grab attention.

# Make use of powerful words.

# Do check Buzzfeed and UpWorthy to get templates.

#3. Make it Longer (Length is Strength

Have you ever wondered why authority blogs push more protracted contents?

The answer is straightforward and logic,

For the sake of readers and search engines.

Confused, let me break it down.

If you’d written lengthy content, obviously you might included the complete information. It will help the readers to get the info without banging anywhere. According to the survey of top ten results conducted by serpIQ stats, the average content length of top 10 results is whooping 2000 words.

On the other hand, the incredible marketer like Seth Godin writes only 6%- 7% of the above snap!

But not everyone isn’t Seth Godin, and then writing short contents doesn’t work at most of the circumstance.

Read 2-3 contents about the subject, analyse how they are delivered, and once you got to know what to convey to your readers. You can easily pitch it with your tone.

Do remember one thing, don’t add words that are irrelevant and for the sake increasing the length. It might not help you anyhow, and also, it ruin your blog’s reputation at the time.

#4. Provide value evenly throughout the content

Not all longer content fetch the same value, they bombard some facts in the introduction and start scraping onwards.

You shouldn’t do that.

You need to provide the values evenly without any fluff, to do that you need to research a lot. If your research isn’t enough, you may end with repeating the same point again and again.

It makes the content boring and make your readers leave your site without leaving any footprint of their visit. Further, it might create a bad impression on your first-time visitors.

Add unique values at each paragraph and make it actionable by combining survey results, case studies, etc. All you need to provide the unique value and your perspective about the subject to your audience at any cost.

#5. Back up your points with case studies or stats

It is the advanced method to make your content trust worth and more authentic.

If your content is just full of theory, nobody will care for it. You need to make it actionable by enticing with surveys, case studies, and some crunching numbers.

Have your look at the Neil Patel from NeilPatel.com, he creates meaty content and make it more data-driven.

By this way, he keeps readers under his control until the end of content. It not only help him to imprison readers but also contributes to getting quality leads to his consultancy business.

Moreover,  you can easily curate your industry facts with few search strings.

“your niche” + Facts

“Your Niche” + stats 2016

“Your Niche” + Survey

“Your niche” + Case Study

By doing, you’ll find some of the experiments with results. Go through them and pick the quality case that might help your readers. Here is the data driven post sample, go through and analyse the content you’ll get to know.

# 6. Encompass your content with Multimedia

The image speaks thousands of words!

You need to make use of stock photos and screenshots to keep your users on your hold. It will also help your users to better understanding. Further, if you dazzle with pictures, it is counted as a relevancy signal.

If you embed YouTube video in your content, it will help you to increase your site on-time span. Ultimately, search bot thinks your site is valuable and rank your site higher.

# 7. Make it Epic

The term epic is overused.

Everyone teaches you to write epic content, but no one will let you create it.

Though it doesn’t rocket science to accomplish, you can quickly create a link worthy content when you follow some of the proven tips. You can easily learn by reading some of the best posts, and even you can go through the Neil’s Advanced guide to copywriting.

Look at the Brian Dean’s, Google ranking factor post. One of the epic posts in the industry, if you carefully observed you’ll note three things, they are,

#1. Find the fresh evergreen post ideas

#2. Create something better

#3. Reach out to others!

Look something like Skyscraper Technique. Right?

Yeah..that is the science of creating epic content.

#8. Proper content structure

Content structure is essential arrest your readers attention.

You need to start with a question that would stir your readers curiosity if you failed they might leave your site even if you have the strong call to action in your title.

Then provide the use of your content and mention its significance.

Explain each thing with appropriate subheadings, and make it readable for skimmers.

Finally, add conclusion or final verdict from your point of view.

#9. Internal Linking

The Internet is all about links!

Follow one data-driven post, you can easily crawl all the active web pages

If you have written the epic post, but failed interlink previous post, then you are missing too much. It will help the search engine bots for deep indexing and your readers to know more.

If you have written similar contents, then link naturally.

#10. Optimize Your Post for Search Engine

Search engine and humans perspectives are entirely different!

So you need to tweak your content for both search engine and humans. When you solely optimized your content for search spiders, your site will be rewarded with a penalty rather than raking. To be on the safer side just follow as mentioned below,

  • Include your keyword in your title.
  • Drop your keyword within first and last 100 words (don’t stuff)
  • Make use of the long tail LSI keywords.
  • Include images and add ALT tag with your targeted keyword.
  • Interlink your contents.

If you do this, it will be more than enough.

#11. Proofread and polish your article

“No one is perphect”

Once you have finished writing your contents, don’t publish immediately. Wait for some time, and read your post. It will help you to remove more fluff. If you are good at editing, you can proceed, either you can hire the virtual freelancers to do the job. Make use of the Grammarly for better proofreading. Try to remove unwanted sentence and words that doesn’t add any value.

Attempt to polish your write up, add some super cool words and modifiers to keep your readers glued.

BONUS: Let others Know about your content

It might not directly relate to your content quality, but help you in one or other way.

If you don’t make your content to reach the particular audience, you might end up with nothing. Try to do the outreach program, share Facebook groups and other forums where your readers are hanging around.


Blog posts are the pillar to rise your online business if you have not cemented it well, and it would trouble your growth. Writing the quality contents is not just to dazzle with the fancy vocabulary, you need to provide value at every point. Anyhow, writing materials may help you to hit two birds with a single stone, hope you don’t miss.

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