Top 5 Animated TV Series That You Might Have Missed!

The year 2018 was filled with entertainment for individuals and groups of all ages. We witnessed the release of some amazing movies such as Avengers: Infinity War, A Quiet Place, and Black Panther, which amazed us, to say the least. These movies gained massive popularity, attracting masses of crowds towards the cinemas. Recently, the animated entertainment industry has also gained massive popularity. This year we got to witness some amazing animated movie entries as well as some astounding serials.

Let us list down some of the best animated TV shows witnessed this year. They will certainly entertain you:

1. Castlevania (Season 2)

Originally adapted from a game by the same name, the launch of this series last year took the audiences by storm and captivated them immensely with its amazing story setting, plot and the graphic detailing. Castlevania season 2 will be aired at the end of October this year. It comprises of 8 episodes in total. It is a Netflix original which ensures that all the episodes will be dropped together, thus, binge-watch it is!

The story left us with a vampire hunter teaming up with the son of Dracula and a sorceress to take down the all-powerful main antagonist of the series, Count Dracula himself. Last season introduced us to Dracula, his past life and the tragedies which led to the decision of absolute annihilation of humanity. The story also introduced Trevor Belmont, the last surviving heir of the Belmont family, famed for their vampire hunting capabilities. This season we will get to witness further character development as our 3 protagonists start their journey together. A lot of action is to be expected also complimented by episodes of intense gore, so it is definitely not for the faint of heart. We don’t intend to give you any more spoilers but rest assured this would be one of the best things you will watch this year. It is highly recommended to watch this spectacle in HD and we are sure that your local high-speed internet providers can be of assistance in that department.

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2. Tokyo Ghoul (Season 3)

There is a reason why anime is globally gaining popularity. The formidable storylines, character animations, and emotional upheavals leave the audience stranded and wanting more. We genuinely say this from experience. You’ll feel the same once you see Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away. Tokyo Ghoul amassed majorly positive criticism through the airing of its first season. The second season was launched back in 2015, and yet again was successful in capturing the interest of its audiences. The 3rd season was launched in April this year and takes place 2 years from the story of the actual manga.

The story revolves around a guy, Ken Kaneki who unknowingly went out on a date with a ghoul. That encounter transforms him into a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid and he is thrown into the dark world of ghouls only to find out the ghouls had been existing beside humanity in their everyday lives. The 3rd season brings in a lot of action and darkness with it, so be sure of being a fan of this genre before giving it a watch. But if you do happen to take an interest in it, we guarantee satisfaction. Be sure to add this series to your watch list.

3. Devilman Crybaby

Another anime entry to our list, this series has been adapted from Go Nagai’s manga by the name of Devilman. The story revolves around a guy Akiro Fudo, who when informed by a friend of a forthcoming demon apocalypse, transforms himself into a hybrid demon to fight them. He does so by incorporating the powers of another demon, resultantly retaining his soul and gaining new demon-like powers. The show is a Netflix original and was premiered back in January this year. Everything about this show, the character development, storyline, and plot setting were amazing enough to bring this to our list of top anime series released this year. The best thing about this anime is that it follows the story of the manga very closely; thus the original manga fans won’t be disappointed. We don’t intend to give any spoilers as we promised before with the previous entries, but you do need to watch it. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

4. Muppet Babies

We wanted to include entries suitable for every age group to our list; thus we have included the incredible “Muppet Babies”. Targeted to children between the age group of 4 to 7, this show features the toddler versions of the famous Muppets which we grew up watching ourselves and indulges children in blissful joy. Children get to meet old and new characters from the Muppet world as they are taken to a world of laughs, joy, and learning. The show was originally aired back in March this year, and due to its impressive success, has been renewed for a second season. We would highly recommend you entertaining your young ones with this show, and we are sure that the little ones will love it. Plus you can very well watch it with the entire family, which is an added plus.

5. BoJack Horseman (Season 5)

Acclaimed to be the best Netflix show to date, Bojack Horseman has definitely made a name for itself. The series stars famous celebrities as voice actors including Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, and Aaron Paul. The initial premiere of this series was back in 2014 and from there on it has gotten more famous with the recurrent seasons. Lisa Hanawalt is the primary cartoonist behind this show. Targeted majorly at adult audiences, the story belongs to the comedy-drama genre and satirically highlights current world scenarios, politics and the glamorous world of show business. The various emotions and feelings expressed by the horse character have been applauded by audiences all over the world. In 2018, we get to enjoy the 5th season of the series and we assure you that it is well worth your time.

These are just some of the amazing animations this year had to offer to its audiences. We highly recommend you to explore the indulging world of animations and the best way to do that would be to go through some of the shows mentioned.

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