Arcade game machines – benefit or harm?

Man is a fascinating nature. The feeling of excitement, the desire to win at any cost, “tickling your nerves” or at one moment winning the jackpot are mandatory attributes of gambling. Such feelings are familiar not only to the inveterate gamers but also to ordinary players who are only tempted by fate.

All hobbies can carry both benefit and harm. In addition, the same passion in different circumstances can be transformed from useful to harmful and vice versa. To what categories to include arcade game machines?

For example, if a person after a hard day’s work went to the site of slot machines and played one or two games to relax and cheer up, then, in this case, the slots can hardly be considered harmful. After all, they contribute to relieving stress. If a person spends all his free time playing a slot machine and investing all his remaining money in it, there’s no use in talking about benefits. Game industry existed and will exist. So if you don’t want your arcade game machines to harm you, you should use them correctly.

What is the use of arcade game machines?

Slot machines are able to train the intellect, thanks to the player’s considerable emotional involvement. In some cases, successful confrontation requires advanced skills in logical thinking, oral counting, attention to detail, and remarkable memory.

Often, players have to make truly bold decisions in order to win luck on their side.

For some players, a slot machine is nothing more than a mechanical block with a primitive set of buttons and functions. For others, it is a source of inspiration, emotional charge and a way to practice your own brains …

Many arcade game machines use unique scenarios based on certain cultural traditions, historical facts or burning topics.

It’s one thing to wait for a combination of dry numbers and quite another-to-be involved in a non-trivial rework with a cool plot, forcing to solve puzzles, find treasures, take risks or participate in “questionable” events…

Any other benefits?

In a certain sense, strictly metered gambling can be used as a tool for training responsibility, the ability to control one’s hobbies, and also calmly relive a defeat and retreat on time. Gaming machines help develop willpower. Remember that a weak person, unnecessarily greedy for a game and losing both money and a huge amount of time, will do the same thing without an online and offline casino, using TV, alcohol or even drugs instead of games …

It is curious that slot machines are sometimes used as a kind of cure for dependencies by the substitution method. So people get rid of the addiction, addiction to alcohol, smoking, eating, and even a tendency to aggressive behavior. Of course, this method of treatment is carried out under the supervision of an experienced psychologist or a mentor-coach.

Another positive side of the machines is the ability to use them as an option for relaxation or distraction to relieve stress after a hard day. However, with such a discharge, it is also important not to overdo it. Does it, because not only solitary leisure is important for a person, but his eyes should also rest. Nevertheless, slot machines do act as stimulants for the production of joy hormones, a feeling of excitement is sometimes very useful. Automatic machines help as a prophylactic against depression and can be part of a course for curing various disorders of the nervous system. In the latter case, gambling is combined with green tourism.

Arcade game machines and online casinos are also a kind of warm-up for the brain. Memorizing various combinations, developing your own strategy and calculating bets train your mind, logic, and intuition, which will be useful to you not only in the offline and online gaming space.

How not to become dependent on slot machines?

  1. Clearly define for yourself the time of the game. Try not to exceed it under any circumstances.
  2. Do not take bets too seriously. Lost the amount, finish the game.
  3. Professionals advise not to try to win back. If you lose, you should wait for some time, and only then start the game again. If you win, take the money and leave. In this case, you will not have to face disappointment.
  4. Never play with borrowed funds. Remember that the more you want to recover your losses, the more they can grow.
  5. If you lose, take your loved ones and go for a walk. Spend money on a different character entertainment.

The following distortions of thinking can be observed in gamblers:

  • the illusion of control;
  • “Monte Carlo effect” – based on the results of the previous game, conclusions are drawn on the current one. The player believes that if three times in a row fell black, the next time will fall red;
  • overestimation of the probability of winning.

Other ways to get rid of gambling cravings

A specially selected course of psychotherapy helps to effectively overcome the craving for gambling. If a person cannot consciously refuse to gamble, he needs to seek help from a psychotherapist who can adjust his psyche in such a way that the desire to gamble will disappear.

So, if we consider arcade game machines in the context of “benefit-harm”, we can conclude that it all depends on how the player relates to this occupation. Too frequent “communication” with slot machines can lead to a kind of addiction, but if you use them as a toy, for fun, you can get positive results from this.

And the most important thing to remember is anyone who decided to try slot machines online or in any institution: money is earned in a very different way. For example, the promotion of business on the machines. But not by playing them. Enjoy your leisure.


Author bio: Iren is an editor of She likes to write reviews of various gaming tables and is interested in everything related to active leisure. If you want to know more about slot machines, you can read here.

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