Excited for E3 2018? Here’s All That You Need to Know Now!

Cue for drum rolls – the most anticipated gaming convention of the year is almost upon us, and like every year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 (for the uninitiated, that’s E3) promises to be more dazzling and exciting than ever! Top gaming companies and developers have already announced their schedules and (most of the) revealed lists for E3 2018. The media buzz surrounding the event is gradually taking on an epic form.

From frontrunners in gaming software developing to A-grade gaming industry exhibitors, E3 2018 shows the potential of becoming one of the biggest gaming events in history. The star-studded list of attendees as announced on the official website is enough proof for fans all across the world that the hype around the event is not for nothing.

If you are a gamer with a penchant for trying out new games and staying updated on all the latest gaming industry trends, then here goes the elaborate preview of E3 2018. Additionally, here are all the must-know facts about show times, participants and what to expect, gamers’ passes, and anticipated game releases at this year’s convention. Hold on to your seats, for E3 will take you on a journey of a lifetime.

E3 2018 – the basics

As always, E3 this year will be taking place in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, USA, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Gamers and developers all around the world have already saved the dates on their calendars, for the biggest gaming expo of the year starting from June 12-14.

Major league gaming industry participants at E3 2018 have announced the dates and time of their respective press conferences with the exception of Sony. However, the Sony press conference is anticipated to be scheduled right after Ubisoft’s, just like last year.

Check out the official schedule of the expo that is on top of all the gamers’ priority lists right now on the official website of E3 2018. While you are there, you can also gander at the brand new revamped logo that they have designed for the convention this year! A welcome change after decades, the logo redesign may have more to say than it shows. For that, you will have to wait until June 12th to find out for sure!

Confirmed big league participants at E3 2018

The star-studded list of participants at E3 2018 is enough to show that it is indeed the most anticipated gaming convention of the year, and as the world waits with bated breath, you can use this time to take a look at the list of confirmed industry leaders participating at the most exciting gaming expo of the year.

  • Sony
  • EA
  • Bethesda
  • Microsoft
  • Tencent
  • Ubisoft
  • Activision
  • Warner Bros.
  • Square-Enix
  • Nintendo
  • Atlus
  • Konami
  • GameSpot
  • DC Games
  • Gearbox
  • Deep Silver

It is going to be one hell of a show for the developers as well as the gaming enthusiasts this June in Los Angeles as they make a beeline to the Los Angeles Convention Center to catch the action live at E3 2018. Social media is also abuzz with news, rumours, and expected game release lineups associated with the official hashtag of the convention #E32018 trending all over the globe.

What to expect from the gaming biggies at E3 2018

Turning up the summer heat just by a few more notches in sunny Los Angeles this June, the gaming world biggies have a world of goodies in the stash for the fans and gamers worldwide. According to official reports and press releases brought out by the leading gaming companies, here are some of the best things to watch out for at E3 this year.

► EA

EA has its schedules filled with launches and reveals for they will be doing back-to-back press conferences at Hollywood Palladium as well as E3 2018 in Los Angeles, almost at the same time. The gameplay stations for the demo will be equipped with the usual sports category of games that EA is so adept at rolling out year after year, including FIFA 19, Madden 19, NHL 19 and NBA 19. Earlier announcements from EA pointed towards the revival or redesign of a Battlefield game, but you will have to wait until E3 2018 for further details on this one.

► Microsoft

Juggling two appearances at almost the same time, Microsoft, just like EA, has a chockers-full plan for reveals and releases this summer. Halo 6, Gears of War 5 and Fable 4 are said to make an appearance at E3 2018 as part of what Microsoft is expected to bring to the show. There is some news flying about that indicates towards a modified Xbox reveal, though nothing has been confirmed yet.

► Sony

Sony will not be showcasing any hardware at E3 2018 post their big announcement of PS4 pro two years back. Sony spokespeople have confirmed that PS5 is in the early stages of development. However, there is a lot in store from Sony this year at E3 including Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man, and Death Stranding apart from the usual deep dives, updates on developments and of course, the brand new trailers.

► Bethesda

Confirming its participation at E3 2018, Bethesda looks to launch expansions of earlier popular franchises such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout and some additions to Quake Champions, as per expectations. They are also expected to launch a revamped version of Doom, Dishonored, and Wolfenstein.

► Ubisoft

Apart from rebooting Assassin’s Creed to make way for the Origins two-years development cycle, Ubisoft might also be rolling out another expansion of their stupendous game Tom Clancy: Splinter Cell. They have mostly kept their big reveal list for E3 2018 under wraps. But the rumour has it they might be bringing out Beyond Good & Evil 2 this year itself, to commemorate the original game’s 20th anniversary.

These apart, you can get up close and personal with the glamour of gaming at E3 2018 with the gameplay stations at the exhibitors’, live demos of games to be launched, stunning stage performances, multiple trailer releases and first look teasers of your favourite games, and collectibles and memoir stalls all throughout the expo. The Los Angeles Convention Center is thus once again all set to become a gamers’ paradise from June 12 to 14 this year at E3 2018.

When and where to watch E3 2018

Fans and gamers all over the world are only too keen to catch the live updates from their favourite gaming companies about the latest releases and announcements of games to be launched in the coming year. While the lucky few get to attend the convention live in Los Angeles thanks to a $249 Gamer Pass for the three-day show, E3 2018 is determined not to disappoint the fans worldwide.

You can watch the live stream of all the stage shows and the insider views of E3 2018 through their Twitch channel at when it goes live on the convention days. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have also announced that they will be streaming their shows at E3 2018 live for the global audience on their respective YouTube channels. You can tune in to the same for the latest updates of your favourite gaming convention. Additionally, the PlayStation Twitch channel, the official website, and the Facebook PlayStation page will also put up live stream feeds if YouTube is not your thing.

Parting words

From the latest gaming gadgets, the arrival of state-of-the-art AR and VR gaming devices to the coolest game launches for gamers all around the world, the biggest and most anticipated event in the gaming calendar is almost here. It is just a matter of a few days before you get the full deal on the latest tech and games reveal at E3 2018. You can either attend live in Los Angeles or watch the live stream for the awesome updates from your favourite game developers and gaming industry leaders. May the force be with you this June!

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