Battlefield 5 revealed: everything you need to know

Battlefield 5 finally announced publically. It’s taking back to the World War II roots, and the game developer DICE redesign the core system of some of the series significantly. This changes will not be causes any issue if none of any played this game before but they have great value. Animation system improved much more than before. Co-op option return again and many more things added in the latest version of the Battlefield.

May 23, 2018, EA disclosed what’s new to come in Battlefield 5 in their three hours live presentation from London. DICE and EA also deliver the details information to the press spending hours in a behind-closed-presentation. According to Senior producer Andreas Morell,

The Second World War like you’ve never experienced before [highlighting] unseen locations, untold stories and unplayed gameplay moments.”

But, they still hold some secrets which will most probably unveil in June through EA play. However, there’s enough information to discuss on Battlefield 5. Let’s check what’s new in Battlefield 5,

Battlefield 5 release date

It is expected that the Battlefield 5 will be launching on PlayStation 4, Windows PC through origin device and Xbox One semantically.

The first trial version of the Battlefield 5 will release on October 11 for EA and Origin access member. Usually, the trial version will be a limited part of the game.

The Deluxe edition of Battlefield 5 expect to release on October 16, and the Stander edition is coming on October 19.

A number of perks will be available for the Deluxe edition. Cosmetic items are most interesting one, as follows:

• Cosmetic sets for German Airborne (Fallschirmjäger) and British Special Air Service (SAS)
• Special Assignments for SAS and Fallschirmjäger.
• Weekly “Airlifts” will deliver 20 cosmetic items

Pre-ordering the game for either version will get the access to the beta version automatically, but the release date of the beta version not announced yet. Most probably exact date will not disclose until June.

No premium pass will require accessing post-launch multiplayer maps and weapons.

Battlefield 5 concepts

Battlefield 5 is the returning of iconic series since the original setting departed nearly 14 years back. The core concept of this game is “squad”, a small group of players achieving the game objectives cooperation and coordinating each other.

Ticketing and spawning system is another key concept of this game. Tickets can be spent from a combined pool of players to bring themselves and vehicles into the map. Also, the player can earn tickets by completing the key objectives. An individual player always can choose the Spawning locations. The most impotent point is, the players are allowed to pawn in on top of each other during multiplayer actions, generating fluid and a hotly contested frontline of consistent action.

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