New Video Announce Disney’s Start Wars Themed Park “Galaxy’s Edge” Opening in 2019

Expectations are super high for the new opening of Star Wars themed park expansions in Disneyland & Disney World in 2019. Today, a new video emerged from the company released new video confirming the place where it will start at the beginning.

Disneyland in Anaheim, California will be first to open Galaxy’s edge attraction for eagerly waiting for fans and public in Summer 2019. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida will start several months later, in Fall 2019.

Disney parks have the Star Wars rides for years, but Galaxy’s Edge is a hyper-ambitious project the company is planning. Instead of rides, Galaxy’s Edge is a whole immersive world of Star Wars where people can experience the Star Wars universe itself. There will be no cantinas, employees or park.

According to the verge :

“Galaxy’s Edge is intended to be an entire immersive world, giving guests the experience of actually stepping into the Star Wars universe itself. There will be no Disney employees in the cantinas and shops of the park, for example. Instead, there will be locals and smugglers that inhabit Batuu, the planet the park is set on, while guests find themselves wrapped up in a battle between the Resistance and the First Order. Not only that, but the rides themselves are designed to be part of a larger interactive adventure that guests can go on. Do a poor job flying the Millennium Falcon in the park’s flagship attraction, for example, and a guest may find themselves called out — or celebrated — by a character later in their visit.”

The massive move from traditional amusement parks to a more realistic environment is taking off for the past decade. Universal Studios plans to open Wizarding world of Harry Potter, and Disneyland is catching up with  Pandora: The World of Avatar. However, Disney is much more ambitious and looking on Star Wars themed hotel in Disney World. This hotel project will allow guest to live and breath in Star Wars throughout their entire visit as they will take part in interactive adventures.

Truly, a fantastic future of entertainment is coming, and we hope to see more ambitious projects like this in the future to change the concept of amusement.

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