5 Apps Every MBA Student Should Have

Participating in an MBA program and earning your degree will open the doors to many professional opportunities. With such a degree you may decide to go into a wide variety of industries. But first you have to get through the program. And you’ll be happy to hear that modern technology can help you out. With plenty of devices at your disposal, not to mention a slew of apps, you can make your time in college a lot easier. Here are just a few programs that you’ll want to download to your handset of choice when you enter your MBA program.

1.  Dropbox

You’ll have to endure a seemingly endless number of group projects throughout the course of your MBA program, and that means splitting tasks between group members and sharing information so that everyone has visibility on the work being accomplished as a whole. Although you can certainly use some type of project management software if you so choose, you might want to start more simply with a Dropbox account that allows you to share files not only amongst your many devices, but also with other group members. And you can post your own files for easy access to classwork no matter where you happen to find yourself working.

2.  Keynote

As part of most group projects you’ll be required to make presentation. You’ll probably also have to do plenty on your own. Keynote can help you with templates that allow you to add text, graphics, charts, and more in order to create professional presentations for assignments. Of course, you might have to utilize specific programs like Power Point in some cases, but if you have the option, this app for your mobile devices can make putting together presentations on the go a snap.

3.  Dragon dictation

As an MBA student you’ll quickly come to realize that time is something you never have enough of. So any mobile applications that can give you more of it are sure to be must-haves. One such program is dragon dictation, a talk-to-text app that allows you to turn your thoughts into written words. Whether you’re taking notes on reading or creating an essay this software can help you to get your thoughts down on paper at the speed of speech. You will, of course, have to proofread for accuracy, but you’d probably have to do a once over if you were writing or typing, as well, so on the whole you should save a ton of time.

4.  Priority Matrix

Another great way to save time is by appropriately managing the hours available to you on any given day. This handy app offers you myriad ways to manage everything from your calendar to projects to files with a setup that allows for prioritization, organization, and alerts. In short, it’s one of the most useful tools you can add to your arsenal during your time in college.

5.  The Wall Street Journal

This app is not inexpensive, and at $22.99 per month for a subscription it may be beyond the means of the average business student. But having access to the latest news in the business world can be a real boon. For one thing, it may help you with class assignments. But the more important reason for MBA students to download the app is to get in touch with the professional world they will soon be entering. It’s never too soon to become familiar with the many resources at your disposal. Whether you’re a grad student at Harvard Business School or you’re finishing your bachelor’s degree and looking at classes through, finding ways to learn everything you can during your time in school can only help you when it comes time to start your career.

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