90 Killer Ways To increase Blog Traffic

Most Of the Peoples Related To Blogging Dream of Having Huge Number Of Traffic To his Blog.!! But They Have to Know about it That Dreaming is Nothing; it can’t get you There; Unless you are taking any Actions!

There are Many ways; I can call it endless ways to Increase Traffic To your Blog.

So Stop thinking and be ready to Take Action;

Here is 90 Killer Ways To Increase Blog Traffic !!

Content is the King

1. A suitable Tittle; which can quickly Catch the reader’s Eye

2. Make Content Excellent, Write Most Informative, useful, or it can be inspiring That reader read it eagerly.

3. Expand Your Content; Cause you know “Longer Post Achieves Most” -Arafania!

4. Shorter Post is Also Awesome if it seems sweet to reader

5. The more you produce Articles, The better you Got; So Write Articles Often!

6. Make a Schedule write Articles That can make readers To Expect for the upcoming content.

7. Write list blog posts — they get more traffic than any other kind of post. Its an essential point.

8. Follow the Trending News Stories and Write Them!

9. Search forums in your niche to see what people are talking about and write an article about it.

10. Write about The latest Google; Yahoo; Twitter Updates

11. Ask your Reader What they are looking For & Write them,

12. Write something That can make debate to readers.

13. Search For Blog Same category of yours and check people there which they are looking for and post them.

14. Write Contents which can Achieve Massive Sharing,

15. Check your Blog Analytics And find out the Most Popular Content & Write Articles Of same Kind.

16. You can flatter The Popular Blog admins by listing Their blog list In an Article

Learn To Use “Add Media” Button

17. Yes, you already got an eye-catching Title and now Go For an eye-catching Images to The article!

18. Host or take part in a webinar.

19. Transcribe your videos and webinars for extra content.

20. Convert some of your content into a presentation and upload it to the video Sharing social sites like SlideShare.

21. Create an interesting infographic and share it with everyone you can think about

22. You have to make your reader to Pinout your post that’s why you must include a suitable image

23. Upload your Video to your Youtube Channel where you must include your Blog link/description.

Care about Social

24. Create a Facebook page for your blog,

25. Tweet everything you posted On your blog

26. Link to your posts on your Google+ page

27. Use social media scheduling software Like Jetpack share To automatically Post on social sites

28. Join Pinterest

29. Don’t Miss Tumblr,

30. Set up an Instagram account and make your followers know about the new post.

31. Comment on other (your niche) blogs with insightful, useful comments.

32. Reach out to other bloggers & build a relationship.

33. Include social sharing buttons on all of your posts.

34. Encourage Users engagement on your blog by ending your posts with a question.

35. Submit your posts to Digg and Reddit.

36. Create a LinkedIn profile with a link to your blog

37. Reply to every Comment on Yor Post & make contribution with readers

38. Ask your friends to Add you to their Blogroll,

39. You can also add other blogs to your blogroll,

40. Join Blogger on Facebook Groups that everyone can share each other’s Content.

41. Add a Click to Tweet Button,

Link Building and guest blogging

42. Find one Guest Blogging every Week and Create Post there as a Guest,

43. While Creating a Profile On Other Sites, Don’t Forget to Include Your Site link there,

44. Technorati is One of favorite Blog; you must add your Site there,

45. Always Try to find Out from where your competitors Got link and Copy them

46. Include your blog’s URL in your email signature.

47. Do interviews for other blogs.

48. List your blog in as many free blog directories as you can find.

49. Invite others to guest post on your blog,

50. Take part in link parties

51. Set up a free blog related to your niche with appropriate content,

52. Post helpful information in forums related to your niche

53. Include Your Site URL In Signature area,

54. Post helpful articles on sites like Hubpages and Squidoo

55. Submit articles to syndicated article directories like Ezine Articles

56. If your article is re-published on another blog, you’ll benefit from extra links.

57. Write and syndicate a press release linking back to your blog.

58. Add your Blog To Directories like Dmoz,

59. Syndicate your blog on Amazon Kindle

60. Set up a free blog related to your niche with additional content on Blogger, Typepad, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

61. Interlink your blog posts; Link your old Posts to new Ones

62. Or you can Install a related content plugin,

63. To write about the things that many people For, Use Keyword Research Tool

64. Install an SEO Plugin Like Yoast Seo Plugin; You may like All In One SEO Plugin,

65. Use relevant keywords in your image file names and alternative tags.

66. Set up Google authorship on your blog using G+

67. Link out to authority sites in your niche.

68. Use keywords in your post title and subheadings.

69. Make your Articles Easy to the Readers,

Offline Ideas To Increase Traffic

70. Tell your friends and family about your blog.

71. Speak at conferences and special events.

72. Attend blogging conferences and networking events,

73. Include your blog’s URL on your printed Visiting Cards Or Business Cards

Other Ways

74. Link to your best and most popular posts from your sidebar.

75. Include a link to your RSS feed.

76. Create a WordPress theme and include a link to your site in the footer.

77. Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and leave a link to your website.

78. Ping your blog posts Regularly

79. Choose a beautiful theme for your blog,

80. Enter blogging competitions

81. Review products and share your content with brands,

82. Ask a bigger blogger to be your mentor and start a case study about improving your blog.

83. Include links to read your blog via Bloglovin,

84. Go back to old posts and edit them to update and improve them from time to time,

85. Optimize your website for viewing on mobile devices,

86. Include different ways to access your content such as category and date archives,

87. Include a search function on your blog.

88. Create an app for iPhone or Android.

89. Submit photographs to Flickr and link your URL

90. Be helpful and Make your readers happy connecting them, be friendly with Them

I know that it isn’t enough, There’s must be more ways to Increase Blog Traffic. Add your suggestions in comments.

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