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7 Best Testing Tools For App Developers, Web Developers And Designers

It does not matters at all that how good you are in web developing, App Developing or any other designing work but when it comes to developing an app then everyone knows the importance of app testing tools. With the help of these testing tools you can easily find out all the bugs and error in your codes.

There’s no doubt that you have done your best in making your app which can perform smoothly without any bugs or error but how would you know that? Well, sometimes it becomes very difficult to find your errors and even after removing all the error how would you become so sure that you will not be facing any type or errors in future?

App Testing Tools helps you in generating the analytics reports, feedbacks, collects crash reports and more so that you can easily figure out the errors and make your app performance more better. There are many popular app testing tools available for web development, app developer testing tools which will test each and everything in your app.

web testing tools

You all might know that testing a new website or an app is the most important thing which you should keep in mind before launching it. You have to make it clear that you app or website is working absolutely fine before launching it in the app store or making it online.

Below I have listed some of the great testing tools for web designers, app designers or any developer that will surely be helping you in solving your problems. So, here’s the list check it out:-

1. WebsitePulse

The WebsitePulse is a website monitoring tool and web server that helps you in enabling the increase in efficiency of your e-business operations, minimize the risk in the internet transactions and also in reducing the loss of revenue generated. Not only this has much but this web monitoring tool included low cost and easy to use monitoring services to meet all your needs and to fit in your budget. It also provides an easy to use test that figure out all the errors, speed, redirect speed, DNS and much more.


2. Firebug

Firebug is another tools that inspects HTML and helps in modifying the style and layout in real time. This amazing powerful tools helps you in analyzing the network usage and performance and provides the most advanced javascript debugger for your internet browser. I have included this tool as it gives the best response around for debuggers with CSS and other codes.


3. MonkeyTalk

MonkeyTalk is one of the most powerful tool which helps you in Mobile App testing. This tool automates the real and functional interactive tests for the applications which you have developed. This app testing tool tests the app running on hardware and provides all other platforms compatible with your app. MonkeyTalk works on both iOS and Android platforms and provides you a wide range of tests for hybrid apps, native apps, mobile apps and more. Also you can easily make sure that you have perform everything correctly including smoke test, data driven test and other test in order to launch your app successfully in the market.


4. Load Impact

Next tool in the list is named as Load Impact. Load impact is one of the best web development testing tool which provides automated testing, API testing, Web app testing and mobile application testing. Load Impact is a complete testing tool for your app or any website design. This testing tool ensures that the resources can be created, deleted, updated and listed under expected load. Many developers prefer this tool for testing their applications and websites.

load impact

5. Google Play Native App Beta Testing

Google Play Native App Beta Testing tool can be one of the best app testing tool if you are an android developer. This testing tool provided by Google includes many amazing features that you can easily access. Bulk export of reviews, tips for optimizations, revenue stats and much more are the features included in this testing tool.

google play native app beta testing tool

6. The W3C Markup Validation Service

The W3C Markup Validation Service tool is based on XML, XHTML, HTML and SGML. With the help of this validator you can easily check for the markup validity of your web documents, CSS style sheets, broken links and much more. All the features included in this tool will help you in making your website fast and bugs free.

the w3c markup validation service tool

7. Safari Web Inspector

Safari Web Inspector provided by Safari Browser offers you to test your web pages, scripts, style sheets, etc. This web inspector tool provides fast performance and lets you enjoy energy saving technologies and fast javascript engine.

safari web inspector

That’s all with the above list. If you have any type of doubts or want to give any suggestion then you can leave your valuable comments below in the comment section.

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