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10 Web Design Tricks to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Most website owners pressurize digital marketing professionals to increase the site traffic as far as possible. To be honest, the more traffic you have, the more chances of lead generation and sales come in your way. If there is insufficient traffic to your website, there are high chances that you lose massively in the game of online business.

The successful website optimization and its performance largely depends on how well a website is designed for its users. It is because the appearance of a website affects its perception by the potential audience, the brand’s image in the eyes of consumers and competitors, its SEO ranking and business opportunities it generates for its owners.

A well-designed website immediately leaves a long-lasting impression on users, encouraging them to visit the site time and again for obtaining the desired info, products, and services. Always keep in mind that websites with an obsolete design pattern don’t stand a chance in Google’s SERP for its top search results. So, what design patterns they must implement to increase traffic to websites? Let’s see some important points one by one.

01. The Orientation of Web Design for Mobile Devices

The mobile-first approach in the development of websites has existed for over 5 years. Although it is not a new trend, website owners need to make their websites responsive to mobile devices if they seek to increase its ranking on Google’s SERP and boost sales.

These days, the use of adaptive design is justified because the use of the Internet via mobile devices has reached up to 57%. Even Google, the world’s leading search engine, doesn’t give importance to non-responsive websites and punish them with a low ranking in its SERP.

So, make your website responsive to different mobile devices with the help of an SEO company. Responsive websites give a positive experience to visitors both on mobile devices and desktop computers and allow their owners to earn more revenues every day.

02. Select Colors and Fonts Carefully

There are several general rules when you trend to create amazing and professional websites. These rules are not an axiom that is mandatory for implementation. But if you follow them carefully, your website will rank well on all leading search engines & new business opportunities will come to your way.

To create amazing websites, first of all, pay attention to the color gamut that should be built in accordance with the visual perception of various color combinations. Website backgrounds of dark tones complicate the perception of information. So, that should be used only when its use is unavoidable.

Apart from this, use a suitable font on your website. Always keep in mind that all usability experts advise using sans-serif fonts as it is considered as a standard font for office documents. Times New Roman is not suitable for good for websites. Always select a good font for your website as per the advice of a professional website builder.

03. Think about Main Menus & Their Appearance

While compiling a menu, just ensure the intuitive correspondence of its points and transition pages. Website navigation should be smooth, direct and exceptionally clear as it leads consumers to stay longer on websites and purchase your products and services. A website may look different, but it should be easily noticeable by visitors. The standard menu view is top or left. The menus on the home page of your website must be interesting to visitors.

04. Practice Minimalism in Website Design

You must practice minimalism in web design as far as possible. As a matter of fact, minimalism in web design is a way to convey enough information without unnecessary interference. It is extremely important to present products and services correctly if the purpose of the site is sales. Just one image can make a good first impression on a user and encourage him/her for sales. So, keep only necessary menus design items on websites and ensure that there is enough white space on your website.

05. Accurate and Personalized Call to Action Buttons

Always keep in mind that your website must have accurate and personalized call to action buttons as they are helpful in the generation of leads and sales. So, create professional CTA buttons for your website and place them appropriately. CTA buttons encourage customers to take desired actions once they finish content reading.

06. Use Animation or Video Background

As a website owner, you must always keep in mind that Video backgrounds or animations can increase the visibility of website or web pages and increase their credibility up to a great extent. However, this option should be used sparingly as such design is often used for added elegance. Animated transitions have the potential to make websites more interesting and memorable. However, its excessive use can backfire your website with negative consequences.

07. Dynamic Personalization

In simple words, personalization is the ability to optimize a message for certain customers and allow brands to offer customers what they want. These days, almost all brands tend to offer a unique experience to each user. Always keep in mind that modern marketing personalization will be determined by a dynamic and targeted experience that goes far beyond the use of information about the name and address of customers.

Companies can personalize websites, the content of email messages and applications, messages in paid media, discounts, sales notices, product and service recommendations, invoices and delivery reminders, social networks and chatbots, etc.

Just collect enough data to segment your audience based on various factors such as age, gender, income, location, interests, problems, spending habits and reactions to various offers and start creating specialized content focusing on your existing customer bases. Just try to understand their needs and problems in detail. By collecting data, you can determine the habits and behaviors of people, their expectations from your brand and make more relevant content and advertisements.

08. Website Optimization for Speed

Delays in website loading usually disappoint visitors. You can easily attract visitors to your site if it loads fast. Even one second of delay in website loading can lead to a decrease in conversion as visitors tend to leave your site and browse similar websites, offered by your competitors. There are many factors that make websites slower. Take all possible measures to make your website faster as it will help a lot in SEO and lead generation.

09. Useful Content

All people are aware of the huge importance of up-to-date content while creating or updating websites. Search engines prefer only those websites that are loaded with up-to-date and fresh content. They ignore websites with inaccurate content. So, when you create or update websites, check the purity of content necessarily. Websites loaded with useful content have the potential to attract more customers and give multiple business opportunities to their owners.

10. A Search Bar on the Top

Any visitor that comes to your website doesn’t like to browse multiple pages to get the desired information as it is a time taking and monotonous process. So, there should a well-designed search bar on the top of your website to allow visitors to send the desired content, products and services using specific terms and make instant transactions one after another.

Final Words

Whether you believe it or not, website design plays an important role in its success. SEO campaigns are futile if your website is not user-friendly. Use these tips to increase traffic to your website by leaps and bounds, convert them into sales and leads, and boost revenues tremendously.

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