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Top Magento Extensions to Increase your Online Store Revenue

Revenue maximization is a common goal for online stores. It is either done through various strategies of digital marketing or tweaking the design to improve the user experience. All the marketing efforts fail when the user is unable to find a required product and pay for it.

Hence, design modification is dealt with before carrying marketing activities. Magento is the best eCommerce platform which is packed with extensive features for setting up an online store. But, to enhance the functionality of an eCommerce website one must install extensions or ask Magento web developers for business specific customizations.

The addition of plug-ins is a fast forward way of implementing a change or modifying the design in order to increase revenues. Following are top Magento extensions that are considered effecting in enhancing the usability of your website, bringing traffic, making the users stay, and engaging them to take notice of the store items, and eventually, purchase the products.

1. Product Image Zoom

Product image zoom Magento extension resolves the problem of viewing a product in detail. The users who are reluctant in purchasing a product because of the unclear view can zoom in the images with the help of this plugin. You can enable zoom magnifier to facilitate users in zooming in a specific area of the product image so that the end users can review make, material, design, style, or stitch of a product.

The extension offers a variety of zoom magnifiers like tint, fade in and out, lens, easing, or mouse-wheel zoom, etc. the configuration settings starts with setting a width and height of the window zoom and extends to defining the transition effects. In addition to in-frame zooming, you can allow users to view product images in a lightbox as well.

The extension is developed in line with your responsive web design so you can configure image zooming for a mobile view as well.  Image zooming can be applied to all the products or selected items of your store.

2. Request for Quote

Request for Quote extension allows your potential buyers to drop you a message and ask a price estimate rather than leaving the website. A consumer may quickly make up his mind for a product that has fixed price, but he fears for paying more when the price varies and depends on various factors. By adding a quote request form to product pages, you can help your potential customers to ask for a cost estimate according to the changes or modifications they want.

With Request for Quote form extension, users can quickly drop a message and get a prompt reply. It works like getting a lead through price estimation and converting them to a sale by replying with a realistic and affordable quotation.

3. Events Manager – Sell Tickets

Events Manager Magento extension is specifically focused on maximizing revenues of your online store. It helps you create multiple events in bringing more visitors to your website and sell them products like tickets, souvenirs, T-shirts, etc. Additionally, holding local events can help you boost market exposure of your brand that results in a continuous flow income.

Add images and videos to make the events more engaging and appealing. Create one-time events that end once the time expires, whereas recurring events repeat after a pre-configured duration of time. You can set up Meta details for each event page that ensures its higher visibility in search engines. Provide contact details so that the users can ask details about an event from the right person.

4. Product Feed

Product feed extension allows you to create a list of products and submit it to platforms developed for product comparisons. This helps to increase ranking and exposure in the product search results. You can either create a manual or an automatic product feed for submitting it to the shopping engines.

It is always better to acquire web traffic from relevant traffic. Various product comparison platforms award you such an opportunity. You upload a product feed and serve visitors who knowingly land on your store for purchases. They are more likely to convert into customers, hence, it is considered a viable strategy for increasing the conversion rate and sales.

5. Advanced SEO Friendly Blog

Driving more traffic to your website means increasing the probability for conversions. You can acquire web traffic from different sources, but having an authority blog right on your eCommerce website is the ultimate strategy of serving relevant users.

By default, Magento does not offer the functionality of a dedicated blog section. With Magento Advanced SEO friendly blog module, you can create a blog on your online store to share valuable information, market insights, new product announcements, and guides for educating the users. The extension allows you to create various categories for better classification of the content.

You can accompany blog content with images, audio and visual files, and create complete media galleries as well. It helps you draft and publish engaging content and drive users to the store by display relevant products under each post. The visitors that are reading through a post are more likely to look at the related store items. By allowing users to comment, you can encourage readers to reply with their feedback and suggest improvements.

6. Reward Points

With the Reward Points extension, you can initiate a customer loyalty program for your online store for keeping the users engaged and attracted to shopping. Let the customers shop more to earn more points and utilize them for monetary gains.

The reward points system bridges the relationship between customers and your online store. It makes the customers return to register, shop, and return for accumulating rewards that can be settled in future purchases.

You have the freedom to define a table for converting points into money. Set up tier rates to reward regular customers higher than the new ones. You can configure email notifications for informing the customers about the expiry of their reward points that ultimately bring you more revenue.

7. Daily Deals

Add a dedicated section of regular discount deals with installation of daily deals extension. The users are more interested in viewing products that are available at discounted rates rather than finding them in product feed and categories. A daily deals section allows you to generate sales from less demanding store items by subsidizing its rates for a day or two.

The daily Deals extension allows you to create discount offers for a single or multiple products on a day to day basis. Configure starting and ending dates for the deal to automate the display of specific products in the daily deals section. Add a countdown timer to turn daily deals into flash sales and create urgency to purchase the products.

8. Live Chat

Live Chat extension empowers you to engage your potential customers in real-time conversation. The users often have questions about a product which they want to be answered quickly. Contacting your sales and support team through email or phone may not be feasible for them. The addition of live chat option, you can encourage users to fast inquiries, resolve their problems, and direct them straight towards the checkout.

Live chat is an attractive feature. It allows your agents to reply multiple users at the same time rather than replying them with comprehensive email messages. The users may not convert immediately, but the quick response promotes your positive image that brings them back to your store.

Final thoughts

The addition of Magento extensions removes the functionality gap of your online store. An eCommerce website is developed with specific business requirements, but as soon as the business grows, it demands the addition of attractive features and user facilitation. For enhancing the functionality, a modification in the core code is time-consuming and vulnerable to errors. In such a scenario, you can seek assistance from the pool of modules and extensions just like the tools discussed above in this post.

Author Bio:

Asad Ali is an internet marketing expert for almost having more than 7 years of experience in eCommerce industry. He is currently working at GO-Gulf – a Dubai based custom eCommerce web development company where he is working on multiple eCommerce SEO projects, conversion optimization and user experience. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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