The 16 Best Advertising Networks For Bloggers

There are millions of bloggers out there rushing in the race to make money blogging. Everyone wants to make money, but not everyone does make money. Statistics say, more than 3 million blog posts are published daily! It’s a tough competition. So if you haven’t yet started monetizing your blog, you better get started.

There are various ways to make passive money from your blog. The most popular and easiest method is to join an advertising network.


An ad network is generally a website that connects you with thousands of advertisers on your behalf. Let me simplify. If you want to make money from your blog, you join an advertising network as a publisher. Let’s say, the ad network is – Tuna Ad Solutions. So after your joining, Tuna Ad Solutions will check your website, whether you qualify their requirements or not. However, not all ad networks perform such checking. Among the ones who do, the measures of qualification differ. Some advertising networks check the number of visitors you have, whereas the others look for the quality and quantity of your blog’s content.

After you are approved they’ll provide you a bunch of codes. The codes are in most cases, Javascript. You don’t have to get into the coding stuff, anyway. All you have to do is copy the chunk of code and paste it on your site. Generally, you have to put it where you want the ad to appear (e.g. sidebar, header or in the content). Soon after you insert the ad code on your site, ads will start showing up in your website.

You earn bucks with each view or click on those ads. The amount you get on each click or view depends on Tuna Ad SolutionsCPC or CPM. Which varies with each ad network, with each ad, and with each region.

There are many types of ad networks, which you can utilize to monetize your blog or website.  Namely, PPC or Pay Per Click ad networks, CPM Based ad networks, Native Ad Networks, Pop Up/Under ad networks etc. In this article, I’m going to share the best advertising networks for bloggers.

Please be noted that the list is not sorted in any way. The order doesn’t suggest any type of grading.

So here’s the list of Best Advertising Networks for Blog Publishers.


First in the list is obviously AdSense. If you’ve been blogging for a while, you must have heard about this legendary advertising network owned by the search engine giant Google (aka Uncle G). From a long time AdSense is wearing the crown. And it doesn’t seem like we’re going to have a new king anytime soon.

AdSense pays higher CPC than any other ad networks in the industry. Their ad units are great looking & fully responsive. Plus, they have a vast range of ad formats including display banners, textual banners etc. Getting approved in AdSense, however, isn’t an easy task.

The AdSense team checks every application sensitively. And only verifies professional quality blogs.

AdSense Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $100
  • Payment Methods : Checks, Wire Transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Minimum Requirements : Quality content, Clean and minimalist design, Professional approach, No minimum traffic required
  • Is AdSense Safe with AdSense: What the hell!

2. MEDIA.NET is one of the best advertising networks for publishers, which is owned by Google’s competitor search engine Yahoo. They offer beautiful contextual ad blocks, banner ads and they have pretty good CPC rate.

Just like AdSense, doesn’t require any minimum number of page views to approve your blog. But obviously, your blog should be in English and should not contain any adult or illegal stuff. Plus you should have a lot of high quality content. Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $100
  • Payment Methods : Paypal, Wire Transfer
  • Minimum Requirements : Primary language should be English
  • Is Safe with AdSense: Yes (ad styles should be different from AdSense)


Chitika is a good alternative of AdSense. Many website owners (mainly bloggers) use this a platform side by side with AdSense to earn some bonus bucks on the go. However, Chitika’s CPC and CPM aren’t as high as AdSense’s. Also, their ads are too mind-numbing to get clicked by users. Most visitors will overlook their ads.

One thing I like about Chitika is their low payment threshold. Chitika’s minimum payout amount is as low as $10. Besides that, they have some innovative ad formats available, called the apps. The apps include Linx, Hover and Highlight.

Also, Chitika’s approval process is not as tough as the above-mentioned ones. You can get started almost in no-time. You just have to make sure your blog doesn’t contain anything that your mama won’t like you to see. So if you need a quick solution to earn some bucks from your blog, Chitika is what you need.

Chitika Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $10
  • Payment Methods : Paypal
  • Minimum Requirements : None
  • Is Chitika Safe with AdSense: Yes


Infolinks is another leading ad platform for blogs and websites. It is quite similar to Chitika. But unlike Chitika (or Adsense) it follows a different approach towards delivering ads. Instead of banner or text-based ads, Infolinks offers InText, InTag, InFolder InFrame & InScreen. All of those options have different behaviors. For example, if you activate InText, it will add hover ads on keywords in your content. You’ll observe that some keywords are double or dotted underlined. And when you take your mouse over those words or phrases, a small ad box will appear (InText and Chitika Linx are twins). Likewise, all other ad formats of Infolinks perform differently.

Infolinks Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $100 (wire transfer), $50 (others)
  • Payment Methods : PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, eCheck, ACH
  • Minimum Requirements : None
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


As you can guess from the name, advertisers will bid for your ad position and according to Bidvertiser’s claim, the highest bidder’s ad will be displayed on your site. Just like AdSense or any other PPC ad network, you’re paid on each click (and you earn bonus bucks on conversions). Their ad formats include Banners, Skyscrapers, and Rectangles.

Bidvertiser is pretty old and trustable. Also, it is one of the best advertising networks for mobile websites (aka wap-sites). So you can give it a try without any hesitation.

Bidvertiser Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $10
  • Payment Methods : Check, Wire, PayPal
  • Minimum Requirements : None
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


There are some good things and some bad things about this ad network. To start with the pros, they offer 100% fill rate worldwide. Unfortunately, I was too dumb to understand what it means. Fortunately, I had Google. What I came to know about fill rate is –

“The percentage of ad requests that are returned with ads for a given site/app is called a fill rate” –

One more plus point of this performance-based ad network is their various ad formats. Starting with Banners, Contextual ads, Pop ups, Pop Unders — they have a solution for all your needs (they even create custom formats as per your requests).

RevenueHits Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $20 (Paypal & Payoneer); $500 (Wire)
  • Payment Methods : Wire, PayPal or Payoneer
  • Minimum Requirements : None
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


BuySellAds is the best advertising network to find direct advertisers for your blog. It’s slightly different from your regular PPC ad network. In BSA, advertisers buy your ad placement and you’re get paid to place their ads on your blog for a specific period of time.

Once your account is approved, you can set your own price. For instance, you can set a price tag of $100 per mo. Now if any advertiser likes your blog and your charge fits their budget, he or she would buy your ad place. But before the ads start appearing, you can choose whether or not to approve that advertisement.

Unfortunately, you need a lot of page views to get your blog approved by BuySellAds. Though the exact number is not known, around 50k monthly visits should do good. Alongside, they also check your blog’s content, posting frequency, Alexa rank etc.

RevenueHits Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $20 (Paypal), $50 (Check), $500 (Wire)
  • Payment Methods : Wire, PayPal or Check
  • Minimum Requirements : 50k Monthly Visits (Approx.)
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


BSA’s traffic requirement is huge and hence many newbie bloggers don’t get approved easily. Fortunately, we have an alternative. If your blog doesn’t yet have enough traffic to pass through the approval process of BSA, BlogAds can be a life savior. As low traffic as 15k/mo is enough to get started with BlogAds (considering you have quality content).

As you can imagine from the name itself, BlogAds is an ad network, exclusively for blogs. By functionality, it’s pretty close to BuySellAds. You put your blog in their marketplace with a price tag attached. The advertisers then come and buy a space in your blog. And therefore, you get paid.

RevenueHits Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $75
  • Payment Methods : Wire, PayPal or Check
  • Minimum Requirements : 15k monthly impressions (approx.)
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


Viglink is more of an auto-affiliate tool. It basically transforms your existing links into affiliate links (and also adds new affiliate links whenever possible). Suppose, you’re crafting an article about Best Face Beauty Products. So whenever you mention some product in that post, it’ll add an affiliate link (if available) or convert regular text links into affiliate links. And when someone, referred from your link, purchases something you’ll get paid.

After signing up, you’ll be provided a code which you have to insert into your site. If you use WordPress, they have a plugin. You can install the plugin and get an API code from your Viglink account in order to begin monetizing from your blog.

Viglink Ads Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $10
  • Payment Methods : PayPal
  • Minimum Requirements : None
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


Skimlinks and Viglink are quite similar to each other. Just like Viglink, it transforms your links to affiliate links. Skimlinks have no minimum traffic requirement to get started. With that being said, they don’t monetize traffic coming from regions other than North America, Europe, and Australia.

And I won’t recommended using Skimlinks along with Viglink. However, you can use either one safely with AdSense or any other PPC ad network.

Skimlinks Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $10
  • Payment Methods : Direct Deposit (US & UK only), PayPal
  • Minimum Requirements : Heavy traffic from US, Europe & Australia
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


Adversal is a decent ad network offering multiple ad formats including banners, pop-unders etc. They claim to have 100% fill rate. With a minimum threshold of $20, they pay via Net 35 terms (If an advertising company pays you in Net 35 (or Net 30) terms, it means you’ll be paid 35 (or 30) days after the end of a month).

Unfortunately, it’s a premium ad platform. And hence, you need to have minimum 50k traffic to start making money with Adversal. If you comply with their requirement, you should definitely give it a shot.

Adversal Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $10
  • Payment Methods : PayPal, Wire, Cheque
  • Minimum Requirements : 50k/mo page views, primary language should be English
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes*

*The Adversal ads should not look like AdSense ads. So be sure to tweak the colors and style a bit.


Outbrain is a native ad network. Honestly, native ad networks are rocking these days. And Outbrain is leading the league. However, they’re very strict about the approval process and you must have a lot of traffic to start using Outbrain in your blog. Once approved you’re good to go. They even offer a WordPress plugin for ease of integration.

Outbrain Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : No data
  • Payment Methods : No data
  • Minimum Requirements : 10 Million Monthly Page Views
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


Taboola too is a premium native platform. Big websites like NBC, The Weather Channel, and Business Insider are using Taboola. So you can guess a number of page views you need, to get through their approval process. Taboola pays you via Payoneer, bank transfer and direct deposits (in NET 45 terms).

Taboola Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : N/A
  • Payment Methods : Payoneer
  • Minimum Requirements : 500k page views per month
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


Conversant Media is a CPM based ad network, which means they pay for each thousand ad impressions. It was formerly known as ValueClick Media (before 2014). Unlike other CPM ad networks, Conversant Media doesn’t require you to have a lot of traffic, which is pretty good. You’ll get paid via PayPal or cheque as soon as your revenue reach their minimum payment threshold of $25.

Conversant Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $25
  • Payment Methods : PayPal, Cheque, Direct Deposit
  • Minimum Requirements : 3K/mo traffic, English based blog
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


Owned by mass media company AOL, is also a CPM advertising network. I like their straightforward way of naming the company. It’s like, you want to open an online shoe store, name it As simple as that.

Anyway. is really a big name in the field and undoubtedly resides among the best advertising networks in the industry. And it has some really huge advertisers backing them. So if your blog has a heavy amount of traffic, I’d recommend having a look at it. Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $25
  • Payment Methods : PayPal, Cheque, Direct Deposit
  • Minimum Requirements : 500,000 minimum traffic per month
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Yes


Clicksor is next on our list of best advertising networks. They offer banners, pop-unders, interstitial and contextual ads, which is pretty cool. Clicksor claims that it has more than 150k publishers covering 196 nations!  And they serve about 3 million ads per hour.

One major drawback of Clicksor is that, if you’re withdrawing your money through wire transfer, the minimum payout is $1000. In addition to that, they’ll charge an extra $75 as an administration fee. To make things worse, they were accused of delivering malware-infected ads in past. Nevertheless, it was a long time ago and they’re kind of safe now.

Still, it’s a very good option if you’ve been rejected by the above-mentioned advertising networks.

Clicksor Key Features:

  • Minimum Payout : $1000 (wire), $50 (other)
  • Payment Methods : PayPal, Cheque, Wire
  • Minimum Requirements : None
  • Is Infolinks Safe with AdSense: Unknown


So these are the best advertising networks for publishers. I can’t really choose a single ad network that is perfect. Each of those networks has its own positives and negatives. Still, if you ask me, I’d choose AdSense (as best PPC ad network), BuySellAds (as best direct ad marketplace), Viglinks (as best auto affiliate tool) and Outbrain (as the best native ad network).

Obviously, opinions differ. If you think I’ve missed any good ad network, please be sure to notify me. And in the meantime, let’s have a discussion.

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