How to Resize Multiple Photos at One Time With or Without Photoshop?

Went to Paris? Snapped a hell lot of photos with the new DSLR? It’s time to show it off to buddies. You just opened facebook and guess what, a bloody slow net connection arrives. With such a slow internet connection it’s practically impossible to upload those HD pics. Brilliant situation, right? So, what to do? You can’t actually go and slap the ISP head. For now we’ve got only one way out. Resize!! That’s an ant’s work, I know. But there comes another problem. You’ll have to waste an enormous amount of time to have them tinyfied! If your boss is on vacation and you’re planning a whole night out resizing those images, it’s all cool then. You may go on. And if there’s a party out tonight or a date with your girl, just go on, read this article. So shall we?

How to Resize Many Photos Using Adobe Photoshop?

This is one of the most interesting features of Photoshop. Yet I wonder why many people are unaware of this stuff. Anyway if you didn’t notice it yet, don’t worry. This is really a piece of chocolate cake (with added vanilla). All you have to do is gather all the photos in a folder. Now open Adobe Photoshop. Then go to Files > Scripts > Image Processor.


After that, a window will pop out (see the screenshot below). There you’ll be prompted to select the target folder. Select the folder where you kept all the images. In the tab below you can choose the folder where you wanna save them after being resized. Under that check the box which says Resize to fit and then enter any desired width or height. And finally click Run. That’s all. All of your photos are resized into your desired dimension now.

image processor 01

How to Resize Images using Windows Photo Viewer:

Suppose you don’t have the Adobe Photoshop software. Then? Will you just gawk around? Nope, never. We have another easy procedure to make images smaller in size and dimension. In this case we don’t need any type of third party software. In windows there’s a default photo viewer built in. So we’re going to use that to resize the pictures.

To do that, first of all bring all photos to a single folder. Now go to the folder and select any of the pictures. Then open it with Windows Photo Viewer (Right Click on the Pic > Open With > Windows Photo Viewer).

win pic 1

The image will be opened now. After that switch to thumbnail view by clicking the small icon at the top left side of the software.

win pic 2

Next select all the photos by pressing Ctrl+A or if you wanna select some desired images only, just press and hold the Ctrl button and click any pictures you want. Then simply click on Edit Pictures (at the top).

win pic 3

Now from the right side bar select Resize. After that you can easily choose your desired height and width. Or you can simply put how many percent you wanna reduce up your image. After all those are done, click on OK. Then save those (File>Save). That’s it. You’re done with your editing; you may now head over to your party or your date.

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